Binance Opens Investment Opportunity for Axie Infinity Shards (AXS)

Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) now has limited-offer staking on the Binance exchange with up to 10% APR.

Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) can become more than the voting asset for the game. Currently, AXS staking is used to generate RON on the Ronin network, or provide liquidity on the Katana decentralized exchange. 

But the Binance exchange, one of the leading hubs of crypto activity, has increased the passive income opportunities for AXS.

The tier structure means users with 1-5 AXS will get the highest interest rate of 10%, while staking more than 20 AXS will grant only 0.4% in APR. Binance may also alter the conditions of deposits and returns based on overall interest and market conditions. 

AXS still has a relatively slim market on Binance, as SLP is the more actively traded asset due to cashing out game rewards.

AXS can also gain passive income on XLD Finance, a decentralized service. This time, AXS is accepted also through the Ronin network, with no need to bridge back to Ethereum. 

Can AXS Speed Up Recovery

AXS is one of the fastest-recovering assets among play to earn tokens. AXS rose by more than 9% to $64.98 on Wednesday, with some expectations of a breakthrough to a higher range. 

Smooth Love Potion (SLP) stabilized at $0.029, still within the range of the past few days. Less new SLP generation is happening in Season 20 of the game, while SLP can also be absorbed to generate RON.

RON is currently at $2.92, holding up with no significant price swings. In February, RON still has limited listings, relying on the Katana DEX for its main pairing. Due to the size of the Axie game economy, predictions for RON see the token rise to higher valuations if listed on centralized markets. 

Axie Game Changes Multi-Accounting Rules

To avoid leaderboard smurfing, a practice of sharing high-ranked Axies, the game team has set up new rules. It is forbidden to use the same Axies team on multiple accounts, and teams will not be able to claim multiple leaderboard rewards. 

The new rule will potentially lead to sponsors having to build new teams for each scholar added, to avoid sharing Axies. 

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