Blocklords Hits at Another NFT Collection Drop

Blocklords may drop another batch of Nobles, a special NFT grade.
  • Blocklords is in the beta pre-signup stage, with players joining by acquiring early NFT drops.
  • The game offers multiple character arcs, from farmer to Lord.
  • Blocklords aims to be sustainable and refill its coffers with small fees for key in-game actions.

Blocklords is one of the P2E games that gained attention in 2022, aiming to bring a sustainable model to Web3. Now, the game team has hinted at a new mint of its playable avatars. Blocklords is currently in the process of distributing some of its outstanding NFT heroes, and is growing its influence as an up-and-coming Web3 game.

Players could gain early access to Legendary Heroes, also known as Nobles, and most of the initial mint was claimed. The Blocklords team is also teasing the release of more Nobles. The game is currently in its beta stage, and will be using ImmutableX to scale. Legendary Heroes will arrive in batches of 10 to pique user interest.

In Blocklords, the quality, stats and skills of Heroes will be key in deciding the game’s strategy. In the past few months, Blocklords focused on giveaways and to putting NFT in the hands of potential players. The construction of cities is also key in being able to stage a defense. Players pay gas fees for all in-game activities, thus filling the game’s reserves with ETH value. 

Small Fees for Gas Keep Blocklords Sustainable

The small fees for all of the game’s decisions are what refills the coffers of Cities and makes Blocklords a sustainable game. Players can reap benefits from owning a Noble avatar, but they can also advance as a Farmer, Knight, Raider, and also play as the ultimate Ruler. The game is built around the opportunity to create strategies and build a positive outcome no matter in which role the player starts.

Blocklords will be a play-to-own game, where every player will have a development path with the goal of setting up a sustainable dynasty. No matter the initial NFT, all players can join, pay their dues and progress. 

Blocklords aims to run as a long-term game, offering a gamer-first approach. The game may require some grinding, but this is not the only activity, and the team has taken care to produce enough beautiful designs and features to keep players coming back for the fun.

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