Blocklords: This Game Aims for Sustainable Web3 Adoption

Blocklords has support from ImmutableX and GameStopNFT for its mints and collections.
  • Blocklords pre-registration now open with free NFT mystery box.
  • The game uses Web2 login with optional wallet usage.
  • Blocklords is among the top ambitious AAA-grade games currently in development.

Blocklords aims to build a grand strategy game, and has already opened the early signup period. The game can be added to the watchlist for its goal to integrate Web3 in a sustainable way. With more highly completed games using Web3 technologies, the effects may open more pathways for mainstream integration. Web3 goes beyond P2E and may include NFT ownership and even soul tokens. 

Blocklords aims for a game-first experience with a quality universe and a promise of fun to draw in users. To achieve this, Blocklords is setting up an ambitious open world with full ownership of the playable avatars.

Blocklords arrived relatively early, with its first smart contract interactions dating back to late 2020. The game is still based on Ethereum, at least for its initial NFT collection. The native LORD token was also minted, though for now the asset is held in just 76 wallets and is still untraded.

The game offers registration with a Google or Facebook account, before starting out as a P2E game. This approach aims to bring in traditional gamers that are used to account creation, instead of setting up a wallet immediately. Currently, the game is open for pre-registration and is in the closed beta stage.

Blocklords Aims for AAA-Grade Game

The highest bid for attention is the attempt of Blocklords to build an AAA-grade game to completion, joining a growing list of ambitious Web3 projects. The list includes Angelic the Game, Phantom Galaxies, Metalcore, Undead Blocks, and others. Those games come with a warning that their actual launch may take a long time before all features are developed.

To make access easier, the game also allows for email registration. Pre-registration also gives the right to a free mystery chest of items. Blocklords partners with ImmutableX to make its NFT process simple and with zero fees. Blocklords is also partners with GamestopNFT in an attempt to boost social media and gamer engagement. 

Blocklords also has additional support from both traditional gaming companies and Web3 incubators.

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