Rollux Powers Up New Web3 Hub After Main Blockchain Launch

Rollux offers detailed learning tools to build a wider ecosystem of apps, linked to Syscoin, BTC and Ethereum-compatible apps.
  • Rollux is a new addition to the Syscoin suite of products.
  • Rollux L2 transactions will be secured through Syscoin and the Bitcoin blockchain.
  • The new mainnet offers detailed documents for Web3 developers, as well as tutorials and expert support.

Rollux is a newly launched blockchain, which also offers a collection of Web3 building tools. The Rollux mainnet launched as a basis for a new Web3 and app ecosystem. What makes Rollux unique is that it also uses records on the Bitcoin blockchain to secure its own transactions.

Similar technology has been used by L2 networks but with Ethereum-based records. Rollux is a product of SYS Labs and is powered by the SYS token, one of the already strong components of Web3 building tools. Rollux is also connected to the Layer 1 of the Syscoin network, and will keep a final record of its transactions on another blockchain. The Rollux technology is not connected to the recently trending Bitcoin ordinals or BRC-20 tokens and smart contracts.

Rollux is the Web3 addition to Syscoin, which has been part of the blockchain and crypto space since 2014. At that time, Syscoin had the goal of building a better ecosystem that took the strengths of Bitcoin and Ethereum. With the growth of P2E gaming and Web3, Syscoin found new applications for its ecosystem.

Rollux Scales EVM-Based Apps

Despite its connection to Bitcoin, Rollux was built to solve the problem of Ethereum scalability. Rollux will be a L2 network, similar to ImmutableX, with added security. Rollux also hosts third-party tools for faster app development.

At the current stage, Rollux is targeting relatively experienced developers, who will be ready to gain experience from the documentation made freely available. When a product is ready for launch, Rollux also offers community connections and a form to seek expert support.

Rollux joins the growing list of Syscoin products, which shifted toward the growing Web3 ecosystem. Syscoin already provides SuperDapp, a Web3 platform for decentralized social media. Other features include a wallet, NFT marketplace, a DAO-building tool and an asset management hub. 

Rollux will also inherit some of the partnerships of Syscoin, with teams lined up to build the first Rollux-based products. Syscoin itself aims to create an entire Web3 ecosystem, with a flow of assets and connections between products.

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