Web3 Tools for Builders: Open-Source, Curated, or Community-Led Resources

Web3 builders can pick from ready-made solutions, including expert-led onboarding with in-house wallets.

Web3 space is growing, despite losing the initial hype. Already several areas of development have emerged, and more tools are available for each one. The most important aspects include account creation and user onboarding, tokenization, NFT minting, sales and distribution, financial aspects, smart contracts and security, as well as other minor user experience tools. 

The end goal is to create usable, fun apps that repeat the success of Web2, but with an ownership component and trading potential if needed. The need for fast iteration and quality user experience led to a new wave of platforms offering specialized Web3 services. 

Play2Moon went through some of the most active and prominent platforms on social media, with their main services and technologies. Some platforms are cross-compatible, while other projects focus on one aspect of Web3, such as NFT or DeFi. 

Curated Web3 Tools

One of the perks of new Web3 tool collections is that some are ready to offer curated features and expert advice, and walk the team through the process of launching a blockchain app. The most notable expert-led onboarding can be found with Ignitions and Ava Labs.

Wide-Reaching Platforms

The other type of platform that is establishing its influence in 2023 offers a wide range of services, and is compatible with multiple blockchains. Alchemy and ThirdWeb are the examples of newly launched, highly active resource hubs. 

Infrastructure and Web3 Building

Some of the projects offer a mix of Web3 tools, as well as their own infrastructure. ImmutableX offers both tailored solutions for NFT and trading, as well as fast transaction opportunities. Flow offers an entirely different blockchain with a native wallet and account abstraction.

Web3 Resources: Active Projects for 2023

ProjectMain serviceMain type of projectCore FeaturesWallet Types
EnjinMass NFT adoptionNFT collection issuerEnjin Coin, walletEnjin wallet for NFT
IgnitionsCurated Web3 OnboardingReady products, seeking Web3 featuresConsulting, wallet as a serviceIn-house wallet, custom wallet
ImmutableXEthereum ScalingNFT issuers, P2E gamesLayer 2 scaling, NFT marketplaceMultiple wallet types
AlchemyWeb3 tools for multiple chainsWeb3 startups, ready-made appsSDK, API and fast RPC accessMultiple wallet types
ChainlinkOracle, randomness generatorGames, DeFi, trading appsPrice oracles, SDK, random generatorMultiple wallets, compatible
Mythical GamesGaming/Economy crossoverLaunching curated high-profile gamesFull game support servicesIn-house, custom wallet
StardustOnboard mass audience to Web3Fast game deploymentWallet service, full game supportMultiple wallet types
SequenceApp building for ETH ecosystemGames, general appsWallet service, EVM-compatibleMultiple wallet types
AstraRegulated Web3 economyDeFi projects requiring KYCReporting, sanctions, regulationsMultiple wallets, compatible
ForteDigital property rightsNFT sellers, metaversesNFT minting, ownershipMultiple wallet types
ThirdWebComplete suite of Web3 toolsGames, DeFi, general appsSDK, API and fast RPC accessMultiple wallets, wallet as a service
0x ProtocolAPI for trading activitiesDEX, exchanges, DeFi protocolsOn-chain history, order booksMultiple wallets
Lens ProtocolWeb3 social networkData, connectivity, bridgingSocial network and status projectsExternal multiple wallets
WAXThe blockchain for gamingAccount creation, wallet, SDKGames, NFT marketplacesIn-house wallet/account
KadenaInfrastructure, liquidityComplete product package for buildersDAO, games, DEXIn-house wallet, compatible with other wallets
AvaLabsOnboarding for AvalancheCurated expert-led packages for Web3Games, DeFiWallet as a service, compatible with other wallets
Ankr ProtocolFast Web3 InfrastructureGames, general apps, DeFi,SDK, API, blockchain callsMulti wallet compatible
ConsenSysInfrastructure, node accessGames, DeFiStaking, NFT, data accessMultiple wallets
FlowMainstream-ready blockchainGames, general appsStaking, NFT, gamingIn-house wallet
ChainstackScalable applicationsGaming, DeFiFast building of both small and scalable appsCompatible with multiple wallets
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