Bomb Crypto to Launch PvP Mode in Q2

Bomb Crypto will sell VIP packages to absorb BCOIN and give players NFT items and perks.
  • Bomb Crypto BCOIN slides to $0.45, constantly making new lows.
  • Game opens VIP package sale with NFT and perks, one potential benefit of cheap BCOIN.

Bomb Crypto, one of the busiest games on Binance Smart Chain, signaled it may be ready with PvP mode by the end of Q2. The new version, which extends the appeal of the old Bomber game, also offers rare NFT to add to the experience.

Despite the game’s simple mechanics, it remains appealing and recently moved to the top among BSC games. 

Bomb Crypto has 9.86K users, according to DappRadar data, with peaks on some days above 17K users. The game is also active in terms of token transactions and NFT resales, carrying $257K in value. Bomb Crypto is available as a web-based game and an Android app, open for the usual P2E mode of the legacy game. 

Bomb Crypto Moves In with Exclusive NFTs

Bomb Crypto is moving to a copy of the pay-to-play model, offering NFT packages to confer game advantage. The game recently announced a VIP tiered program with perks for the higher-paying players. 

The new program will at least serve to add another use case to the Bomb Crypto token and will offer relatively cheaper access at the current market price of $0.45 per BCOIN.

To boost its NFT adoption, Bomb Crypto will also unlock marketplace selling for the various rarity levels of heroes, allowing early buyers to realize gains on their initial investment. The heroes will also have established minimal prices to avoid debasing the assets. 

How Bomb Crypto Assets are Performing

The Bomb Crypto playable characters made around 678 sales, with the latest ones at 200 BCOIN. 

BCOIN itself trades at $0.12, unfortunately almost constantly sliding to new lows with no signs of a breakout. BCOIN is also the biggest problem for the game, as early investors are in the red. The chief idea is to also stake BCOIN to farm extra income, but with the price erasing 50% in a month, this is not a viable scenario. 

Bomb Crypto also recently attempted to boost Luna Rush, but the need to lock BCOIN was viewed as demanding users to absorb potential losses.

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