Bomb Crypto Players at One-Month Peak, Senspark Plans Metaverse Expansion

Bomb Crypto opens opportunity for a dual-token ecosystem.

Bomb Crypto proved itself as one of the more tenacious P2E games. Ranked sixth on Binance Smart Chain, Bomb Crypto attracts more than 12.96K players in the past few days, with a growth of about 25% in the past weeks. 

This game meets with difficulties similar to other P2E platforms, but tries to keep up the pace with partnerships, promotions and NFT airdrops. Recently, the game offered rewards for BCOIN stakers, with a lucky draw for random eligible players. Earlier, Bomb Crypto partnered with Luna Rush for LUS rewards and Warrior NFTs. 

SEN Token Expands Senspark Ecosystem

Bomb Crypto launched with a single asset, but plans to build a dual-token reward system. SEN is still only an in-game token and is yet to launch as a tradable blockchain asset. SEN can be used in current Bomb Crypto promotions, but the game team warns against unsolicited offers to purchase the asset.

Senspark, or SEN, was launched this April 12 and is still in a period of price discovery. SEN uses liquidity from PancakeSwap and may be volatile. In the days after launching, SEN moved down from a peak at $0.84 down to $0.58. 

SEN is the so-called inflationary token in a dual-asset tokenomics. While BCOIN is a capped supply asset, SEN will be produced in the game with no limit, expecting its price to slide in case of oversupply. But initially, SEN offers an earning opportunity, as well as a tool to acquire game NFTs. 

SEN will have an advantage for being the asset on the entire Senspark ecosystem, of which Bomb Crypto is a part. The next goal of Senspark is Project Meta, extending the Bomb Crypto theme to a metaverse land. Senspark has tentative plans to add one more P2E game to its portfolio.

BCOIN trades around $0.11, a far reach to its peak above $8. The asset, capped at 100M coins, is one of the game’s biggest problems, as early buyers are in the red with their investment. 

Despite this, the game tries to expand its social media presence and overall appeal, as P2E games are still at their early stage.

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