Castle Crush Reaches 20K Milestone in NFT Rental Model

Castle Crush keeps bringing up to 200K daily players.
  • Castle Crush brings more than 200K players with the option to choose NFT renting or ownership.
  • The game is one of the top Web2 games that added Web3 features through Avalanche.
  • Castle Crush offers fast-paced matches with playable Heroes and strategy cards.

Castle Crush is one of the games to take a Web2 development path and add Web3 features through Avalanche. Recently, the game reached a milestone for its NFT ownership, seeing a boost of rented playable items. 

Castle Crush registers more than 50M players, but also expands its potential as a Web3 game. Ownership of the game’s NFT will be a constant option to rent and receive passive income.

Castle Crush has a long history after a launch in 2016, and may have reached a total of 75M downloads since its early versions. The game reaches 200K daily players, a feat only achieved by a handful of top Web3 games like Alien Worlds or Splinterlands. Only some of the players choose to interact with the blockchain.

ReNFT Labs aims to make the NFT process as safe and seamless as possible, with low fees to transfer the NFT to scholars. 

What Makes Castle Crush an Exciting Game

Castle Crush specializes in fast PvP matches, taking no longer than 5 minutes. The game presents a tower defense chalenge, in which opponents trade attacks and defenses of their castles. Because of the multiple combinations of playable creatures and cards, all battles are practically unique. 

Castle Crush uses a mix of playable characters and attack cards, in a grid field where each opponent tries to gain advantage. The game team made Castle Crush available as a typical Web2 game, with account creation and a free verion. This allowed the game to gain 50M players and a 4.4 star ranking on Google Play. 

Based on the game’s success with onboarding regular gamers, Castle Crush also struck partnerships with multiple platforms, especially Avalanche. AVAX is the crypto asset used to buy the game’s Heroes and Mystery Boxes. 

The game’s cards are the most active NFT, and can split income between the owner and the player. Some of the CastleCrush items also have resale activity on OpenSea, the biggest NFT market. The items are also priced in AVAX and vary in price based on rarity and best offer at the time.

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