Chain of Alliance Unlocks First Major Update

Chain of Alliance will offer buildable characters and weapons crafting.
  • Chain of Alliance is still in the closed alpha stage, with COA tokens not yet launched.
  • Players can buy Badge of Alliance to get new versions first.
  • Land-based play, crafting and DAO coming to the game in the future.

Chain of Alliance, a fully on-chain RPG, announced one of its first major upgrades. The game is still in the pre-launch stage, working on UI and the game’s art and character developments. The game has already build a closed alpha version, and now aims to smooth out flaws and stabilize the user experience. 

Chain of Alliance is yet another piece of evidence that the P2E model can survive with some tweaking. The game’s main appeal aims to become the missions, as well as interactions with other players and upgrading NFT-wrapped Heroes.

The final goal is the creation of a filly functional multiplayer metaverse. The game will also introduce AI to control monsters and game bosses. 

The game aims to add a skill-based potential in selecting Heroes and honing their skills for battle. The game’s characters can be built by the player and equipped with craftable weapons. 

What Chain of Alliance Offers in the Pre-Launch Stage

Chain of Alliance is now open for registration, though generally, the game’s latest developments are first open to the holders of a Badge of Alliance. The Badges are available on the secondary market, with a floor price of 0.27 BNB and are a tool for early investors to have a stake in the game and additional perks. 

Chain of Alliance will offer the full range of services often seen as a package in well-developed P2E games. The metaverse will build a land-based staking system with arena ownership. Additionally, the game’s tokens can be staked. Inside the game, finding Fragments can also work toward character-building. Chain of Alliance will also have token-based governance. 

In some ways, Chain of Alliance resembles Axie Infinity, though without the character breeding mechanics and with craftable characters instead.

At the current stage, Chain of Alliance still requires BNB ownership, though it has launched its native token COA. For now, COA remains untracked, but the token launch may be another milestone for the game. The COA token launch and trading start will only be announced by the game’s official channels, so avoid unofficial solicitations to buy the asset.

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