Axie Launches Origin Season 1 with Renewed Rewards

Axie Infinity (AXS) payouts for land owners will briefly stop because of the Ethereum Merge event on September 15.
  • Season 1 comes with higher rewards in a large pool for the top 40K leaderboard participants.
  • Axie Infinity to rebalance the game in two weeks.
  • Charms and Runes will have enough time for de-crafting before season end.

After a period of testing, Axie Infinity is launching the first official season of Origin. Season 1 follows a test on Season 0, where Smooth Love Potion (SLP) rewards were briefly stopped. Now, the game will launch with a new balance and earnings potential, aiming to rebuild its original appeal.

To boost participation and motivation, the season will carry $1.5M equivalent in AXS rewards. This will remove the biggest flaw of Axie infinity – relying on SLP to carry the bulk of rewards, while also sinking lower and lower. Axie Infinity had success with its latest exclusive Classic tournament, where another $1.5M in AXS was given to top players.

The new season will have its first rebalancing in about two weeks, to smooth out reward details. The other changes are pre-decided and fixed. For instance, the season will give enough time to players to disenchant their Runes and Charms and revert them to Moon Shards, which can be carried over to the next season.

All Season 1 Runes and Charms are destroyed, per the rule for no carryover to the next season. Additionally, each team will compete with a short Rock, Paper, Scissors game to pick who gets the first move.

Axie Infinity Aims to Regain Player Count

The first 40K players will get a piece of the rewards, making leaderboards even more important. Axie Infinity Origin will now become a highly competitive game, instead of being an idle game with regular income. The game will also award stickers and status for progress, focusing on account prestige even more. Top players will continue to receive the bulk of the rewards.

Before the season kicks off, Axie Infinity had 23.98K players per day, ranking as the top 9th game. This is just a small part of the mass adoption where Axie invited millions of players. This time, the game will be all about competitive advantage in tournaments.

Despite the launch of the new season, AXS is down more than 7% overnight, to $13.25. Still, AXS is better at preserving value, remaining above $12 during the bear market lows. SLP remains with little change at $0.0036.

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