Chumbi Valley: Game Grows with Staking, NFT Market Representation

Chumbi Valley has no set date for game launch, but grew its staking as a mechanism for passive earnings from the CHMB token.

Chumbi Valley is one of the up-and-coming games with preliminary earnings potential through NFTs and token staking. While the game prepares for its launch, the ecosystem of collectibles and staking continues to grow. 

Chumbi Valley is one of the prominent RPG projects to watch in 2022, with appealing art and limited character mints. 

What is Chumbi Valley Staking

Chumbi Valley tokens (CHMB) can be staked for periods of 90, 180 or 365 days. The staking reward is relatively high, though not as exorbitant as other games offer. The project incentivizes token lockup with nearly 300% in annualized returns.

Staking has been open for only two weeks, taking 100M from a total supply of 30B CHMB tokens. Because CHMB trading is relatively new, there are no data on how many tokens are available, and there are only limited uses in the early stages of the game.

CHMB staking may have some risks, as the token has traded for only about a month and has dropped to lows around $0.06. For now, it is uncertain what type of price discovery will be for CHMB and staking may actually lead to net losses. However, the token’s utility within the game and the potential for future developments means CHMB is a wild card for future appreciation.

Chumbi Valley NFT Keep Price Floor

Chumbi Valley NFTs are currently indicating demand via a floor price of 0.7 ETH on OpenSea. Chumbi Valley was one of the few projects where the floor price improved after the initial mint. 

Chumbi Valley had only 4,100 items available, with no way of telling how the breeding would expand as the game launches. To create new NFT characters, some amount of CHMB is needed. 

The date for the game launch is not set yet. Initially, Chumbi Valley tokens are available on Binance Smart Chain. But there are expectations the game will also use Elysium mainnet.

Chumbi Valley can affiliate with the Vulcan Forged collection of projects, adding players and staking wallets in the future.

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