Crabada Adds Battle Bounty, TUS Price Gets Boost

Crabada aims to bring new players and ban bots to achieve more fair rewards.
  • Bounties will be given for finding and defeating specific teams.
  • TUS rallies by 100% in the past week.
  • Crabada boosted Snake City with early alpha access.

Crabada aims to retain its player base and make the game more meaningful. In addition to the daily draw and the available battle and idle game, Crabada is organizing special events. Battle Bounty is limited gameplay aiming to put players against a selected team of three Crabs.

The Bounty Hunter game builds on the Duel mechanics recently introduced to Crabada. Players can meet up with predetermined teams for higher than usual awards. This is another tool to offer pooled prizes that are more substantial than regular game earnings.

Bounties and challenges will be announced continually for logged-in players. Bounty availability will depend on player level and will be used to showcase new battle skills previously not seen in the game. Players will receive XP, crystal shell items for crafting, as well as loot boxes with mystery prizes.

TUS Rises on Hints of Game Recovery

Crabada recently saw its in-game token, Treasure Under Sea (TUS) rally as high as $0.006. The rally doubled the price from recent lows to around $0.003. CRA, the game’s staking asset, is retaining some value at around $0.02. 

Currently, TUS is still not valued enough to make the game viable, yet players that picked Crabada for fun may add to their prizes. 

TUS now has more sources of burn in addition to breeding fees, with more tokens destroyed after spending for Arena Tickets. The other tool to boost TUS is the anti-bot measures taken by the game team.

Crabada had a problem with bots over-producing TUS and taking the earnings from regular players. For Crabada as well, owning an NFT is not censorship-free, if it is linked to bot activity.

Crabada guilds may be on track to rebuild a viable P2E model with a new batch of scholars. 

The game recently registered more than 19K players in total linked to the Battle Mode game and competing for the next level. Additionally, Crabada NFT owners are seeding the first gameplays for Snake City.

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