Crabada Sets Up Gaming Partnership with Snake City

Swimmer Network, Crabada’s subnet, to host another game soon – Snake City.
  • The limited tournament opened this August 10 with early access to Avalanche, Crabada communities.
  • Snake City is a multi-mode game with NFT mechanics and a tradable SNCT token.
  • Migration to Swimmer Network is expected in end-August or September.

Crabada is working on its list of game partnerships, after joining with Clashub and later, Snake City. Now, Crabada NFT holders will be able to start Snake City for free and claim an initial NFT to test the game. 

The event starts at 3 PM UTC on August 10, and will include a leaderboard with rewards. Top players will receive Crab NFT, TUS and SNCT tokens. 

Snake City also partners to onboard the Avalanche community, with early access to the game. In addition to the limited tournaments, Snake City plans to migrate to Swimmer Network, the blockchain that already hosts Crabada and the test version of Clashub. The migration is expected in the next few weeks. 

Swimmer Network offers much lower fees and is already becoming a small hub of games. The subnet is part of the expansion on Avalanche, where more projects are expected to launch their subnets in the coming months. 

Snake City Offers Multi-Track Game Economy

Snake City also has the advantage of a traded token, which launched on August 8. In the first days of trading, SNCT is rather illiquid, trading around $0.011. The token uses liquidity on Trader Joe, one of the leading Avalanche-based decentralized exchanges.

Snake City offers several pathways to earning funds. The game will have free entry when fully launched, with the potential to swap XP points for SNCT tokens. The SNCT is then meant to buy NFT, breed or fuse them and upgrade their level. 

More advanced players can buy another asset, the TOC token, to buy tickets and participate in tournaments. Snake City offers many pathways to roll back value into the game, including staking, token burns, and sponsoring tournaments. 

NFT snakes also offer value in terms of rarity and features. Skins, breeding potential and fusion grade all bring value that can be redeemed on the NFT market. In the next quarter, Snake City plans to launch its tournament mode, as well as varied terrains and a universally accessible free zone. Breeding mechanics are also coming in the next few weeks.

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