Crabada Adds Battle Game Rules, Prepares to Expand Game Reach

Play Crabada is the busiest game on Avalanche, and also the biggest gas burner. This hurts TUS tokens, which are liquidated for AVAX to pay transaction fees.
  • Crabada prepares for Swimmer Network, Battle Mode launch in May.
  • TUS price is in freefall due to selling for AVAX tokens.
  • Crabada hopes for a growth period and a more sustainable P2E model.

Play Crabada, still the top game on the Avalanche network, is in expansion mode. The most recent change will affect the rules and gameplay in battle mode. The new rules aim to ensure a fairer game, as Crabada is currently growing both its NFT collection and its user count. 

In the meantime, Crabada remains busy and closes in on more active games, including Alien Worlds. 

Players will see their Crabs assigned a Faction, which confers bonus powers and weaknesses. The actual battle statistics and limitations will happen in the background, and players will have to bring in their team into the battle slots. The launch of Battle Mode is expected on May 15.

The model of a team of three characters is familiar from Axie Infinity, and in fact Crabada is trying to implement a similar battle mode. Each Faction defeats and is defeated by others in a strict scheme to make team selection a challenge, but also ensure fairness. 

Crabada is a game with a slow development trajectory, mostly due to its decision to build its native subnet on Avalanche. 

TUS, CRA Continue to Erase Value

The biggest problem for Crabada is the quickly unraveling price of Treasure Under Sea (TUS). TUS lost more than 50% in a single week, and is down to $0.017, a level at which buying the asset may be more reasonable than playing to earn it. 

One of the reasons for this is that players still need to swap TUS for AVAX to pay some of the gas fees. TUS will have a new utility once Swimmer Network launches, and it will be used instead to pay for transactions. The token burn will thus potentially help lift the asset price. 

CRA also slid in the past week, from around $0.56 to lows of $0.32. CRA can be locked for staking and buy Crab Amulet (CRAM) tokens, but this has not helped the market price significantly.

But Crabada is not necessarily a “dead game”, and infact may just be entering its most active development. The team is busy with new game mechanisms and with launching Swimmer Network.

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