Crabada Game Review – Why This Casual Game Expects Spectacular Growth

Crabada plans expansion in 2022, waiting for guilds and more playable NFT characters.

Crabada is a super casual game, initially starting with teams and statistics, and no skilled gameplay. The Crabada creator team plans to introduce PvP and battle mechanics by the end of the year. Breeding teams are also coming down the line, and Crabada may come to resemble the Axie Infinity ecosystem, 

How Big is the Crabada Community

Crabada has accrued 44K Twitter followers, with more than 13,400 participants on Discord. Crabada registers more than 17K players per day, while still in its early stage. A rough estimate of possible Crab teams for automated gameplay sees a total of about 17K teams. There are more than 51,000 Crabs minted as NFTs, though not all are for sale. 

The addition of breeding and PvP mechanics may lead to a proliferation of new playable NFTs. But so far, the game is at an earlier stage, and may follow the track of Axie Infinity in producing more playable Crabs.

Who is in the Crabada Game Development Team

Crabada has a pseudonymous team with presence on social media, but no extended profiles on linkedIn. The team, and especially the co-founder @oxtender are often communicating the game and network milestones. So while the team has not doxxed itself yet, it comes out with clear social media personalities and active communication. 

What Makes Crabada Hot

Crabada started with a super casual game and quickly gained followers. Its tokenomics was appealing, especially during a bull market that took both CRA and TUS tokens to all-time highs. The game offered casual gameplay with the potential for predictable returns. 

Crabada was also taking the P2E model a step further, by building on the Avalanche network, one of the fastest and more advanced blockchains. Crabada will also build up its Swimmer Network, a dedicated blockchain for gaming, to be able to host the upcoming wave of NFT mints and new players.

How to Make Money with Crabada

Using a team of 3 Crabada, or crabs, players can join the idle game and earn TUS tokens. Additionally, the game set aside CRA for the initial rewards, to be phased out with time. 

Players can choose a mining or a looting mission, with different levels of risk and reward. The game can be played in the background and hinges on the statistics of the 3-Crab team. 

Additionally, idle teams can be brought to the Tavern and lent out to other players for a fee. 

In the future, Crabada plans to introduce battle mechanics to set crabs against each other. Currently, crabs are playing against the system.

CRA and TUS Tokens: How the Crabada Tokenomics Works

CRA is the game’s governance token, to be used in voting. CRA can be earned through staking, and the game awarded the asset during its initial idle game period. The maximum supply of CRA is 1B tokens.

TUS, or Treasure Under Sea, is the game’s true reward token, which will be supplied by mining, looting and renting out teams. TUS is an inflationary token with no capped total supply, and its generation will depend on gameplay. So far, there are no detailed plans on other use cases for TUS, though there are plans to mop up some of the tokens by paying fees on the upcoming Swimmer Network.

There is also a special asset, CRAM, or Crabada Amulet, which can be earned by staking CRA and will give special in-game perks. 

What Games Will Crabada Offer

Crabada offers a game of statistics, with a chance element in the looting-type gameplay. Currently, Crabada is a non-skilled gameplay, but may add new PvP challenges with battles. Battles are currently limited to Crabs rented in the game’s Tavern. 

How to Get Crabada Tokens and NFTs

All Crabada assets, including CRA, TUS and Crabs, will migrate to the Swimmer Network, expected by the end of March 2022. Before that, the game’s assets were carried by the Avalanche C-Network. 

Decentralized trading for Crabata is available on the Pangolin Network, the native DEX on the Avalanche exchange. 

After the migration, most Crabada teams will be available on the native game’s marketplace, in the Crabada network. It is possible to introduce breeding mechanics in the game, as a new source of Crabada NFTs.

Best Wallets for Crabada

Crabada uses the Avalanche protocol, which is compatible with the MetaMask wallet. The Crabada website will visualize all NFTs once the wallet is connected. 

The site only offers MetaMask connection, though Avalanche assets can be held in other wallets. But MetaMask remains the best wallet to play Crabada. 

How to Start with Crabada

Starting with Crabada is possible by acquiring TUS tokens, either through the Trader Joe exchange, or through Pangolin Swap. It is then cheaper to hire a team of Crabs and use them in various missions or battles.

Play2Moon Verdict on Crabada

Play2Moon ranks Crabada with a 29/50 score, due to the game being relatively new, with still low token adoption. Crabada faces some limitations, but has the potential to gain ground and line up among some of the top P2E games, with a model similar to Axie Infinity or Pegaxy.

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