Crabada Battle Game Brings In the Guilds

Crabada offers new options to use Swimmer Network for lower game fees paid in TUS.
  • Crabada offers one-way migration of Crabs and CRAM tokens from Avalanche to Swimmer Network.
  • CRA and TUS remain unchanged, still at low positions.

Play Crabada has officially launched its battle game, arriving as expected on May 15. The game includes the full capabilities of NFT crabs, with attacks and defenses. The game is available for download with Windows, Android, and iOS versions.

Players can now use their Crabs and NFT through their Crabada account. The process of including a Crab in the Battle game is still complicated and requires multiple steps. The other setback is that the qualities and level of the Crabs will not depend on the NFT data, but on the user account’s level. This means some of the more overpowered Crabs may not be as useful as previously expected. The game will also require steps to move tokens to the account. 

Despite the difficulties, the game is already hosted by guilds, utilizing their available NFT resources and showcasing the game’s graphics.

Swimmer Network Takes Effect for Tokens, NFT

On the day of the launch, the game noted still weakening player numbers, down to around 2.78K players. The battle game is still happening on Avalanche, where Crabada is still the top gas burner. Swimmer Network has started to support NFT transfers, with Crabs already sold on the new marketplace. Crabs are picking up pace on Swimmer Network, competing with Avalanche sales still available.

Crabs can be bridged to Swimmer Network only in one direction, they cannot be returned to Avalanche again. Additionally, Crab Amulet (CRAM), the staking token, can only be bridged one way. TUS and CRA can be returned to Avalanche. Swimmer Network will also evolve and change with time to lower gas fees for the game. 

Swimmer Network had 6,853 addresses just days from the launch and has carried more than 1.5M transactions. 

The game will try to attract players when the reward token, Treasure Under Sea (TUS) trades at $0.008. CRA returned to around $0.14 after briefly touching $0.20. The lowered price of the assets is still a problem for and earnings. Crabada will aim to boost its position as one of the leading games for 2022, by attracting new players with lower fees.

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