Crabada (CRA) Prepares for Migration to Swimmer Network

Play Crabada with 6.8K users ahead of migration to Swimmer Network.

Play Crabada (CRA) is just days away from moving to its Avalanche C-Chain subnet. This May 13, the migration to Swimmer Network will happen for token and NFT holders.

Crabada will now bet on the battle game, which may lead to a shift in power balances. The best team of Crabs is still figured out and this may shift the NFT market balance. Additionally, renting for mining activities may lose its appeal. 

Crabada Players Can Catch Airdrop

The Crabada game team partnered with Arcade Galaxy, the first P2E arcade game built on Avalanche. Crabada’s social media will promote the Arcade Galaxy NFT mint this May 20.

Crabada is one of the games with significant social media presence, at one point taking over from Axie Infinity. The game is yet to onboard more players, especially if it offers a more favorable earnings ratio. 

Crabada invites around 6.8K players in 24 hours as of May 11, remaining among top gas burners on the Avalanche C-Chain. The Swimmer network should diminish fees significantly. 

The game will face the challenge of supporting its P2E model with TUS token prices around $0.01. This is a bit lower than what was considered a meaningful earnings level. However, TUS can be used to acquire crabs and secure better teams for the upcoming battle game. 

CRA, the voting asset of the game, recovered slightly to $0.18. Some of the CRA is locked as Crabada Amulet, a token that is slowly growing its supply and is a source of passive income from the game.

Crabada will offer a mixed experience with battle mode, mining and exploration mode. Exploration is reserved for gaining experience, finding Crystal Shell items and unlocking new mining plots. The Battle Game mode is expected to launch on May 15, and it is currently tested on Swimmer Network with specially released test NFTs.

Currently, the price of Crab NFT has fallen, with some of the top playable Crabs at around $150. The game offered high-priced early access to buyers at the start of 2022, but now continues to build with a new ratio of potential earnings. The P2E ratio of Crabada may now be more accessible for new players, instead of the early game period with expensive Crabs, but also higher TUS and CRA prices.

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