Play Crabada Adds TUS Burn, New Battle Game Features

Crabada is one of the busiest games with NFT resales, but the P2E model based on tokens is not viable anymore.
  • Play Crabada to phase out CRAM tokens, replace them with new TUS use cases.
  • Crab NFT among the most traded collections.
  • Nearly 13K addresses already active on Swimmer Network.

Play Crabada is quickly evolving just weeks after the launch of the Battle Game and a shift to Swimmer Network subnet. A new batch of upgrades arrived this week, aiming to tweak the game’s earnings balance.

The chief goal is to achieve a better balance, especially after the drop in Treasure Under Sea (TUS) market prices. At under $0.015, rough estimates see the Crabada game as non-viable. For now, players keep coming to collect TUS for in-game achievements or for network fees. 

Crabada Changes Token Use Cases

The change coming from June 1 will remove CRA as a reward from the Battle Game. For breeding, the fee will not be paid in CRA anymore, but require 4,200 TUS. This will diminish the supply of TUS in addition to fee burns. 

CRAM, the staking token, will be open for spending and the staking program will be phased out over time. CRAM could be created by staking CRA, but the overall economy of staking did not work with rapidly falling CRA prices. TUS will replace the utility of CRAM and the token will be slowly phased out, while encouraging spending. 

CRA stepped back again, to $0.06, while TUS slid to $0.0016, losing 90% since the last viable price for game earnings. Now, players are competing for TUS solely to build up in-game assets and keep their status in expectation of improved game economy in the future.

Crab NFT are still highly active, with more than $70 equivalent in daily trading. Breeding with TUS fees may be one of the ways to earn more value through the game, especially for more rare Crabs. The Crabs marketplace is one of the most active in-game operations among P2E games.

The game also adds community-building efforts after adding two new community managers. CrabaDAO, one of the grass-roots organizations, continues to produce token rewards for all participants.

Swimmer Network also shows 12,999 active accounts, with the migration almost completed, though with some cases of lost Crab NFTs.

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