Crabada: How Much Could Players Earn with TUS and CRA Rewards

Play Crabada is days away from token migration to the Swimmer Network subnet.
  • Battle mode may revive Crabada economy and give value to Crab NFTs.
  • TUS slides to $0.007, mining stalls due to low rewards.
  • Asset owners must watch out for migration bridge from May 15.

Play Crabada raises some questions on the feasibility of its P2E model. Yet the game still produces significant weekly rewards, combined with TUS burns. In the past week, Play Crabada had an average of 8.5K players per day, making up for nearly 60K players registered per week. 

The Crabada team also tallies up the token rewards during the latest game period. The May 2-8 stretch showed that in fact, current Play Crabada players may have received very small rewards for the idle game. 

On average, this means active weekly players earned around 10 TUS and 0.12 CRA. This rough calculation is similar to the April rewards for CrabaDAO players. Each one received around 187 TUS and 2.37 CRA during the entire month. Minor DAO guilds also distribute TUS and CRA based on NFT ownership, but the rewards are less attractive.

At the same time, TUS burn is much higher, at above 148M per week for breeding. Crabada is still being played by legacy buyers that received their Crabs early and can still use the idle game with no downside. But buying a crab now, with prices above $150, may be a risky bet. 

As of May 12, CRA trades around $0.12, severely limiting the game’s rewards. TUS is down to $0.007, an estimated 50% under the cutoff for meaningful gameplay. 

The hope for Crabada is the migration to Swimmer Network, which will decrease AVAX fees and raise the value of some Crabs for battles. Currently, the Crabada economy has slowed down, due to high fees and may take off again as the game migrates. 

Migrating Tokens: Bridge on Celer Network Open for Swaps

Celer Network will open a bridge from May 13, 07:00 UTC, first to move the ERC-20 tokens on Avalanche C-Chain. Owners must migrate TUS, CRA and Crab Amulet (CRAM). 

For now, the Crab NFT will not migrate, but will wait their turn in the near future. The Crabada gameplay is now being tested on Swimmer Network subnet with newly created Test Crabs.

The Battle Game mode, expected on May 15, is quickly approaching. This mode wil, boost the usage of Crabs and will make the game more competitive.

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