Crabada Introduces Energy System for Fair Mining

Crabada aims to make fairer Crab usage with new Energy Bubbles statistic.
  • Each playable Crab will have 24 Energy Bubbles renewable every day to avoid overpowered teams.
  • TUS value is still shaky due to selling for gas fees.
  • CRA recovered above $0.40 after recent dip to $0.27.

Play Crabada tries to achieve a fair mining component in the game, by introducing a daily energy account. The energy feature will limit the mining of each Crab, to avoid unfair advantage for overpowered teams and allow a wider distribution of resources.

Each Crab NFT out of more than 100,000 playable characters will now have another measure – energy bubbles. The bubbles will restart each day and decrease their balance with mining. Energy bubbles will renew every 24 hours.

Currently, mining for resources and Treasure Under Sea (TUS) earnings is the chief PvE idle play mode for Crabada. Battle mode is still in development and may bring a new balance to the game. 

Crabada: Will Swimmer Network Come Soon Enough

One of the biggest problems with Crabada is that the game is entering a period where its P2E model is not viable. Playing Crabada and Crab ownership may have to turn into a long-term game, when TUS and Crab prices rise again. 

The game still requires AVAX fees, which eat into the TUS earnings and actually cause TUS dumping. TUS still hovers above $0.020, which is on the low side of potential profitability, though users still report a cut in earnings. CRA recovered to $0.40 after a dip to a monthly low of $0.27. 

Crabada Builds New Game Goals

The Crabada game still has around 7.2K users per day, and remains the top game on the Avalanche network

Players that bought Crab NFTs are also reporting a lowered return on renting. Payouts in TUS are sliding and losing value, while initial Crab investments are much higher. Crabada hopes to remedy the earnings disparity by finding application for the new Crabs with a battle arena game where the individual qualities of Crabs will matter. 

Old Crab NFT were also migrated to a new version, the exchange period running between April 22 and May 2. 

The game’s limitation is to own Crabs that are multiples of three, to make a mining team. Lone Crabs only have limited potential when rented by other players. However, with a battle game, Crabs with special features may confer an advantage.

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