Crabada Introduces New P2E Rules, Tokens and Payment Schedule

Crabada will offer new mechanisms to boost player engagement and avoid devaluing the TUS token more.
  • Crabada updated marketplace to resell materials gathered in the game.
  • Gold Under Sea (GUS) will become the new in-game token.
  • Crabada will also use USDC on the Swimmer Network for more intuitive pricing.

As promised, Crabada reached another milestone- an overhaul of its P2E economic system. Crabada was one of the games to go through a bear market while retaining its success with players. Now, the game also wants to offer meaningful earnings in a new economic system.

The changes arrive about a week after Crabada discontinued its idle game and abandoned the model of grinding for TUS tokens. 

TUS Token Goes to Network Node Operators

Crabada is one of the first games to build its own network and invite voluntary node operators. Those organizations are key to network security and they need a form of token-based compensation. 

However, this is in conflict with TUS as an in-game token. Players sell too much TUS and undermine the potential payout to node operators. 

Crabada will introduce a new token, GUS, or Gold Under Sea, to serve the needs of the game economy. GUS will be used the same way as the previous in-game token, to pay for tournaments, lucky draws, Crab NFT breeding and resale and other events.

Crabada will also try to keep the price of GUS and TUS in balance by forming a trading pair and supplying it with liquidity. GUS fees will not be burned but instead used as liquidity against TUS. 

The game will also introduce USDC.s, a version of the USDC stablecoin used on Swimmer Network. This token will not displace TUS, but can be used for some of the game’s features for a more predictable price mechanism.

In addition to the fungible tokens, Crabada is also introducing its new equipment collection. All equipment types will have a special mix of strengths and weaknesses within the game.

Crabada wants to engage players more with tools to buy and upgrade equipment. Additionally, the game’s breeding program continues to expand with both strategic and experimental Crab NFT.

NFT trading also resumed after a short-term maintenance of the Crabada marketplace. The update allows players to also list and resell materials.

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