Crabada Opens 5X Reward Period for Battle Game

Play Crabada marketplace now open for wallets with Swimmer Network access.
  • Crabada decreases gas burning on Avalanche C-Chain after opening Swimmer Network.
  • Player count fell under 2K per day despite battle game launch as migration limits some players.
  • CRA remains volatile, between $0.11 and $0.20 price levels within a single week.

Play Crabada is offering a limited period of higher rewards for both idle game mode and the newly launched Battle Arena. The event will run until June 1, potentially boosting the game’s P2E profile.

As previously Crabada explained, the weight in battle mode will be based on the profile’s ranking, and not only on the NFT qualities. This will avoid overpowered NFT from winning games over accounts with a higher game engagement. 

Crabada was also one of the games that tried to limit bot activity and encourage play from real accounts. Currently, the game hosts less than 2,000 players, while still requiring a migration to Swimmer Network. 

The game’s rewards have been volatile, as CRA, the native token, ranged between $0.11 and $0.20 in the past week. Treasure Under Sea (TUS) also continued to unravel to $0.0048, making the game rewards much less appealing. 

TUS and CRA rewards, however, still get distributed by CrabaDAO, an organization that distributes game earnings for Crab owners. CrabaDAO is not officially affiliated with the game, but it hinges on aggregated gameplays to produce optimized rewards. The DAO shows the relatively low reward level even for Crab NFT owners. 

Currently, the best approach to the game is to start with a basic team and try to build up its level. Previously high-priced NFT no longer have an active market, and the highest bids see prices of about $150 per crab. Regular Crabs are available for much lower prices. All Crab NFT are now supported on Swimmer Network, the Avalanche subnet specially created for the game. 

Connecting Swimmer Network to MetaMask

Using Swimmer Network needs a new connection through MetaMask. Recently, Crabada opened up the data needed to set up the wallet.

The setup process is similar to attaching Avalanche C-Chain. The credentials of Swimmer Network are different, given officially by Crabada as follows: 

  • Network Name: Swimmer Network 
  • RPC URL:
  • ChainID: 73772
  • Symbol: TUS

In the future, all data for the Crabada game will be gathered from Swimmer Network. The gas usage on Avalanche C-Chain is already being phased out. Crabada burns around 2.69% of C-Chain gas, down from 5% a few days ago. Some of the Crabada assets can only be bridged once and cannot be returned to C-Chain.

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