Crabada Opens Larger Buy-Ins for Lucky Draw

Crabada is adding an element of luck to its game, now with unlimited ticket purchases.
  • Lucky Draw increases player count in addition to the Battle Mode challenge.
  • Idle game still attracts a few hundred players.
  • CRA remains steady at $0.015.

Crabada’s daily Lucky Draw is now available for a larger buy-in. The limitation on 20 tickets per purchase no longer applies, allowing larger buyers to increase their chance of winning rare assets.

The daily Lucky Draw became instantly popular, allowing the spending of low-value TUS or CRAM for a chance to win a much more valuable Crab. Because the daily reward is visible, players are capable to compete for some of the Genesis or Pure Crabs that will be offered daily, until the summer of 2023. 

The Lucky Draw generates additional sales from around 1,300 -1,500 new players per day. This is also boosting player count and potentially, NFT usage. 

Crabada Re-Grows User Count

Crabada reported close to 20K users on its Battle Game mode, with only a few hundred in the idle game. The additional interest in Lucky Draw is helping the game’s final count and adding potential value to be won. The Lucky Draw will also help to phase out CRAM, a staking token that will no longer offer rewards.

The growth on Swimmer Network is gradual, with 25,710 new wallets created since the launch in June. Crabada is also remaining attractive for the drive to level up on the Battle Mode game, with some players reaching outstanding results at Level 95.

Leveling up remains a rare achievement in Crabada, but an important element in building up XP point. Experience and achievement are accrued on player accounts and cannot be transferable through Crab NFT. Crabs only carry rarity and breeding traits, as well as in-game performance traits.

Despite market fluctuations, CRA, the main token for Crabada, remains at $0.015. There are some incentives to sell CRA, and its supply does not grow as fast as TUS. Treasure Under Sea (TUS) keeps falling even faster and is now down to $0.00028. 

Crabada is no longer the top game on Avalanche, though it helped the network establish itself as the P2E blockchain. Avalanche remains busy with new projects, as well as subnet growth for games that can bring in a greater number of players.

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