Crabada Returns with Daily Lucky Draw, Genesis Crabs Await

Crabada returns with a renewed Lucky Draw powered by ChainLink technology for random draws by smart contract.
  • Crabada to offer 36 Genesis Crab NFT in the next 344 days, along with other rare playable crabs.
  • TUS continues to sink under $0.0003 despite regular token burns.
  • Crabada market close to 20K players in Battle Mode during peak load times.

Crabada is offering another source of in-game value, a daily lucky draw to continue for almost a year. On 344 consecutive days, the game will reward one valuable item.

Ticket sales for the Lucky Draw will be the main sink for TUS tokens, to be used for purchasing tickets. Each ticket to participate costs 60 TUS or 2 CRAM. The CRAM token, a former staking asset, is being phased out for fees, with CRA replacing it for passive returns. CRA also remains the more stable token, standing at $0.16.

Among the prizes, there will be 36 Genesis Crabs and 36 Pure Crabs, with the remaining 272 having Mixed features. Crabada launched its Lucky Draw V2 after cooperating with ChainLink for a Verified Random Number Generator integrated into the smart contract.

TUS Burns Continue on Breeding, Player Activity

Currently, Treasure Under Sea (TUS) is still near a three-month low, after endless drops with no relief rally. TUS traded at $0.0003, much lower than the level at which the game becomes viable to play. At the moment, it would be cheaper to buy TUS than get Crab NFT and earn the token in the game. 

Each week, the Crabada ecosystem burns millions of TUS, though still not managing to stop the token’s slide. TUS is used to breed new Crabs, also cutting into the NFT valuations of Mixed Crabs with low rarity.

Crabada offers other challenges, including a leveling up of Crab teams, as well as Arena mode. The Arena Mode is now entering its third week, with highly competitive leaderboards and rewards for each time period. 

The game is also picking up in activity on Swimmer Network as more wallets get activated. Swimmer Network has already grown to 25,605 wallets with a rising trend. Crabada itself reports a peak of 19,332 players for its Battle Game mode, with additional activity in the Idle Game.

Additionally, the game prepares for a Battle Bounty Campaign Phase 1. To boost participation and partnership, Crabada will also offer Swimmer Network Grants.

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