Crabada Returns to Idle Game to Boost Player Count

Play Crabada is another P2E game attempting to tweak its tokenomics to remain attractive.
  • Crabada was successful in drawing players into its Battle Mode game, but decided to bring back idle game with mining and looting.
  • CRA staking for CRA rewards offers 21 days to move tokens from old staking contract.
  • Lucky Draw may return after partnership with Chainlink.

Crabada put efforts into making Battle Mode its main game since its launch in mid-May. Now, Crabada has announced an attempt to revive the Idle Game, once again running without captcha.

This may mean bots will return to the idle game, possibly being more efficient in gathering rewards. Players have complained that bots are too efficient and exploit all available mines before being discovered by human players. In the past, players have complained it is almost impossible to get ahead of bots, with a need to pay AVAX fees for failed looting and mining attempts.

It is also more difficult to gauge the player count on Crabada, which transferred most of its activity on the Swimmer Network. DappRadar has not renewed smart contract monitoring due to technical constraints, but previously, Crabada’s idle game was a major factor in having 8-10K players per day.

Activity remains high on the Swimmer Network, as evidenced by recent fee data. There are also possibilities that even with captcha limitations, bots can still be used to discover mines and loot them.

Crabada itself reported as many as 6K players in its battle game, with full three-NFT teams and limits to bot usage. This is why the decision to turn back to the idle game mystified players. 

Crabada is also expected to relaunch the Lucky Draw event, boosting the appeal and asking for TUS fees for tickets.

Changes Coming to CRA Staking Program

Current stakers of CRA tokens have 21 days to move their funds to a new smart contract. This time, staking CRA will produce more CRA tokens instead of Treasure Under Sea (TUS), to avoid over-inflation.

The new CRA staking program replaces the phasing out of CRAM, a staking token which will be used up for fees and also phased out for simplicity. The CRA staking program will take a limited time, opening plans for 30, 60 and 90-day periods. 

CRA currently trades at $0.016, down 11% in the past day on extremely volatile trading. TUS is also down to $0.0005, despite its relatively favorable mint/burn ratio.

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