Crabada Speeds Up Burn with Arena Mode

Crabada (CRA) is among the first Avalanche games to graduate to its own subnet.
  • Arena mode requires daily TUS fees to join more battles.
  • Registration extended to test partner game Clashub.

Just weeks into Arena mode, Crabada is chipping away at the supply of TUS. The token, which had no supply cap and was generated by the idle game, is now used to pay for Arena battle tickets. Since the launch of Arena mode and daily fees, 4.4M tokens have been burned in a week.

This exceeds the usual token burns from Crabada NFT breeding or other incidental fees. At the same time, the supply of TUS remains uncertain and more tokens are being produced. TUS has fallen to $0.0002, leaving the game’s earnings to depend on eventual Crab resales, CRA rewards and CRA staking. 

The Crabada game also relies on the appeal of leveling up in Battle mode, as well as personal player engagement. But for now, the usual P2E model of earning TUS and selling almost immediately is not viable. 

CRA remains little changed at around $0.015, even after a short recovery to $0.018 in the past few days. CRA is currently replacing the old CRAM token for staking, with CRAM being phased out to pay for fees.

Crabada Keeps Building for Milestones and Partnerships

Crabada is also one of the games setting milestones with its usage of Avalanche (AVAX) technology. Crabada is among the first P2E games to have enough players to justify the creation of Swimmer Network, a subnet of its own that may also host additional games. In about a month, more than 25K addresses were generated on the network. Crabada player tracking is now more difficult, though at its peak the game reached above 10K players.

Based on the game’s own reporting, the battle game remains more appealing, though there is also a return to the idle game.

Crabada players are also reminded to join the Clashub test until July 15. The partner game is based on cross-chain NFT, uniting different collections in battle. The rewards from this game are still only in testnet based on Swimmer Network.

Clashub simulates its playable characters based on Crabada NFT.

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