Crabada Partners with Multi-Chain Game Clashub

Swimmer Network will host the testnet of Clashub, a game aiming to convert NFT to playable cards.
  • The Clashub game signup starts July 4, game expected to start testing on July 20.
  • Crabada holders can potentially convert their NFT to playable Clashub cards.
  • Clashub starts with testnet access on an Avalanche subnet, Swimmer Network.

The Clashub is one of the first multi-chain card games to launch on Swimmer Network. This will mark a milestone for Crabada, which has been running Swimmer Network for about six weeks.

Registration for the game opens on July 4, with live action expected soon. Swimmer Network was created as a tool for Crabada after reaching a more significant daily active user count. The network uses TUS to pay fees and carries the entire Crabada NFT collection. 

Clashub will open on July 20 as the second game on the Avalanche subnet. Currently, new games are testing out the subnet technology and its viability in terms of active users and transaction load. Swimmer Network offers high capacity and no need to use and store AVAX tokens for fees.

What Clashub Offers to NFT Owners

Clashub aims to use any NFT and convert its attributes to its own card power system. This means owners of Crabada NFT can also play within Clashub, by converting their Crabs into cards.

For now, the partnership of the two games will be played out in testnet mode, as Clashub works on its NFT conversion rules and mechanism. The general idea of the game is a battle between all collections, potentially bringing multiple communities. Clashub will also have access to the growing NFT community of Avalanche, where the Kalao marketplace is bringing its own crop of NFT launches.

Clashub also plans the release of its CLASH token and the forming of a DAO. Owning CLASH will help players vote on the inclusion of new NFT collections into the game. Clashub will also sell its own cards. For now, the potential to convert outside collections may be limited. 
The partnership underlines the growth of Avalanche as a P2E ecosystem, with games building their products on testnet.

Avalanche subnet technology expects a boom of new projects, but Clashub is the first to use the already existing Swimmer Network. Currently, Swimmer Network has 24,995 active wallets, most dedicated to using the Crabada game and trading NFT Crabs.

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