Crabada Welcomes Snake City with Full Launch on Swimmer Network

Snake City aims to bring wider Web3 adoption through Avalanche subnet technology.
  • Snake City offers free access and token earnings with a newly launched free zone.
  • All Snake NFT need to be bridged to Swimmer Network.
  • Snake City offers dual-token model with TOC and SNCT assets.

Swimmer Network, one of the pioneering subnets on Avalanche, got its second game – Snake City. After a series of test tournaments, Snake City is now fully launched on Swimmer Network, targeting both Crabada users and newcomers. 

Legacy players with TOC tokens on the old game can now bridge them and preserve their assets on Swimmer Network. Just like with Crabada, bridges have been opened to migrate the Snake City NFT and tokens owned by early players and early adopters. 

On September 29, Snake City will open for all, and a day later, all in-game advancements will also be recorded on the blockchain. The game’s NFT have a similar mechanic to Crabada, with breeding and advancement possibilities.

Players must take their TOC rewards and transfer them first to Swimmer Network, and then their in-game Snake NFT. The Snakes can only transfer one-way into Swimmer Network, but TOC can be bridged to Avalanche C-Chain for trading. 

Snake City Offers Earnings Even in Free Zone

The news of the free zone launch coming soon helped the other game token, SNCT. The asset rose slightly to $0.006. SNCT and TOC, the early tournament token, are not essential to the game, which is also open as free-to-play. 

Snake City is also a play-and-earn game, where the Free Zone also grants XP points, which can be converted to SNCT. Other game modes include arena mode, tournaments, training, discovery mode and exclusive events. All non-free game modes require TOC fees, but also bring a higher prize pool. 

Snake City repeats the approach of Crabada, which started with a free idle game and introduced paid arena battles, a lucky draw and a more intensive battle mode progress. Snake City aims to build a blockchain game without the risk of depleting the game economy, and token fees are a tool to return some of the assets without cashing out.

SNCT also allows for options to bring back into the game, for NFT purchases and breeding fees, and is partially rolled back into the community wallet or used in the liquidity pool.

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