Snake City Prepares for Tournament Mode with Tickets

Snake City will offer a tool to create sponsored tournament events as a promotional tool.
  • Snake City prepares to become a multi-mode game with arena mode, battles and a World Cup.
  • All players must migrate their assets to Swimmer Network.
  • Snake City grew the wallet adoption for the Swimmer Network subnet.

Snake City is building toward its first tournaments, aiming for a sustainable reward model. The game is one of the first to adopt Avalanche Subnets for its Web3 model, aiming for a rewarding game that is immune to market conditions. 

Snake City aims to launch a World Tournament soon, just months after its first closed tests. The game is now appealing to a wider batch of players, after first testing with the Crabada game community

The tournaments may borrow from Crabada’s model, where participation also requires tickets to access. The tournaments will add to the game’s free zone, where all players can start without an NFT and accrue SNCT tokens. So far, the game managed to attract more than 1,600 players after its initial launch, most within the idle exploration game in the free zone.

The Snake City game has added to the success of Swimmer Network, growing its wallet count to 28,717, up from about 25K before the game launch. SNCT is still mostly concentrated on big accounts, though new wallets are appearing with small-scale earnings. The Snake City game is just starting out with its adoption and play-and-earn model. 

Tournaments in the game can be organized by any third parties as well. This is part of the game’s promotional event mode, where partners can provide prize pools and organize battles. 

Snake City Playerst Still Have to Migrate Snakes

The Snake City bridge for NFT migration is still open. Players can claim any previous rewards accrued from holding Snakes and playing on Avalanche C-Chain. 

The NFT migration is one-way only, with no way to bring back the NFT to Avalanche C-Chain. The goal is to have Snake City entirely on Swimmer Network, similar to Crabada, for both the NFT snakes and the fungible SNCT token.

In the coming months, Snake City may take up its plan to expand battle game rules and create team-based competition. The other goal of the game is to build a metaverse using its main game themes and designs.

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