Snake City Prepares for New Free Zone Event

Snake City will hold daily whitelists for all SNCT owners with more than 8K tokens.
  • Snake City adds a list of tasks to participate in new event with SNCT rewards.
  • Snake City prepares for a complex game with multiple modes.
  • The game will use Crabada’s Swimmer Network subnet to launch.

Snake City, one of the games that will be using the Swimmer Network subnet, is preparing for a new Free Zone event. This will be the second test for the game after partnering with Crabada. 

Joining the Free Zone has a series of requirements, including the holding of SNCT tokens, as well as solving quizzes and participating in the game’s Discord channels. 

To participate, all players must follow only the official social media of the game and tick off the main points that will grant them access to the leaderboards. 

The event will run until September 21, with a reward pool of 43,500 SNCT split into daily leaderboard rewards. The event will combine the actual pre-alpha Snake City gameplay with Gartic, a Discord mini-game. There will also be additional quizzes. The whitelist will update daily to reflect new players that have acquired a minimum of 8,000 SNCT and verified their wallet and holdings.

Snake City Targets Player Community Directly

This time, the Free Zone targets the Snake City community directly. The previous time, one of the whitelisting requirements was to own a Crab NFT from the Crabada game. Now, the Snake City community will be able to compete for more SNCT through a mini-game. In the future, Snake City will have several game modes: 

  • Training Mode
  • Battle Arena
  • Tournament
  • Freezone
  • Discovery Mode
  • Sponsored Events

Snake City was one of the games to organize an IDO on the Avalaunch hub back in May. SNCT is set to have utility within the game, such as buying snake eggs. 

SNCT currently trades around $0.008, down from a peak close to $0.02. The need to hold SNCT is used as a tool to popularize the token and its trading. SNCT is accessible through TraderJoe, the leading Avalanche decentralized exchange. SNCT trades and swaps could be accessible through the Core app on Avalanche, which allows for multi-asset access.

The game will introduce an additional token, TOC, which will be inflationary and have production and burn mechanisms once the game launches in open beta.

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