Snake City Introduces Special NFT, New Type of Weekly Tournament

Snake City is preparing for the launch of its mobile app and wider adoption of its skilled game.
  • Snake City moves from a free training game to a more challenging series of weekly tournaments.
  • 12 new Snakes will be introduced in special events with added danger and annihilation.
  • Snake City remains one of the top games on Swimmer Network.

Snake City is one of the games expanding its user base to a few thousand by the end of 2022. The game launched in Q2, growing gradually by first inviting Crabada players. Now, the game is expanding through tournaments, adding special themes and NFT features. 

The next upgrade for Snake City brings a new layer of danger. The game will offer a weekly tournament, which starts in a more hardcore mode with more dangerous Snakes to navigate and defeat.

New types of Snakes will also arrive on other special days, introducing additional powers and gameplay. The Purge Snake is arriving on Saturday tournaments and can be claimed by players. Snake City is trying to stand out from a multitude of games building on the classic Snake game model, remaining relevant both as an app and as a blockchain project.

For Snake City, the tournaments will be known as Deadly Tuesday and Purge Saturday for its special dangers. The new tournaments will add a total of 12 new Snakes with more advanced features and a more dangerous game performance.

Snake City Moves to App Mode

Snake City is launching the tournaments in preparation for becoming an app-based game. The mobile version may arrive by the end of January, replacing the browser-based game. Snake City will still use Swimmer Network, where players have added more than 29,700 addresses. The NFT snakes are also in limited distribution, as more of the items are moved off the blockchain. 

Until recently, the main gameplay on Snake City included the equipment of Helmets, which were non-NFT game items. The in-game equipment is also one of the main utilities for spending SNCT tokens. Snakes with Helmets and other items have advantages in the usual gameplay, surviving easier or dealing more damage. 

The harder tournaments arrived days after the game discontinued its open Training Mode. Snake City remains free-to-play, but with specific advantages for NFT owners and holders of non-NFT equipment.

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