Crazy Defense Heroes by Animoca Brands Gets Visits Boost with New TOWER Rewards

Crazy Defense Heroes will extend daily chest rewards for TOWER Map NFTs.

Crazy Defense Heroes, one of the most active games in the portfolio of Animoca Brands, saw a recent uptick in users. On-chain data by DappRadar show the game attracted more players in the past week. Based on wallet connections, the game saw a 300% growth in players, to a total of 147,000 addresses connected around March 4.

The heightened activity followed an announcement by Animoca Brands that it will extend its Daily Star Chest event. 

Players of Crazy Defense Heroes engage in a tower defense strategy and RPG mechanics. As a reward, they can receive the native TOWER token. With the special NFT package, they can also compete for various levels of rarity on daily mystery chests.

The NFTs will also be known as TOWER Map, and will be tradable on OpenSea. The tokens are using an ERC-1155 standard and run on the Polygon network. The NFTs have in-game utility and can be used to unlock game maps or chests of rare items.

In March and April, the Crazy Defense Heroes game has set up 1.8M TOWER tokens for various reward tiers based on XP level. Users must log into the game regularly and accrue XP, to gain the daily right to earn TOWER and open chests for TOWER Map NFTs.

TOWER Token Slides Under $0.02

TOWER market prices continuously moved down from their peak at the end of 2021, when price records were set above $0.14. 

Currently, TOWER is at $0.019, with a downward trend in the past week. At the same time, the game has a relatively high popularity profile and backing from Animoca Brands, one of the largest investors in P2E and blockchain technology.

Animoca Brands Works with Bored Apes Yacht Club

In a drive to extend the influence of successful NFT projects, Animoca Brands has announced a new partnership with Bored Apes Yacht Club (BAYC). 

The new experience tied to Bored Ape avatar owners will require user verification profiling or KYC. The NFT community has raised some skepticism, as Bored Apes founders tried to keep an anonymous profile, and Ape owners attempt to mostly hide their identities.

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