Fortnite Taps KAWS and Serpentine for Metaverse Art Show

Fortnite Creative will host the virtual version of the KAWS show at the Serpentine Gallery.

Fortnite has hopped the metaverse art trend, opening its metaverse land to exhibit unique 3D items. 

The latest KAWS global art project, presented at Serpentine North Gallery in London, will be represented on the Fortnite metaverse world. Built by digital creative teams BeyondCreative and Alliance Studios, the metaverse exhibition will be open to fans all over the globe. The metaverse art will be open in Fortnite Creative until January 25.

Fortnite Hosts KAWS Art for the Second Time

Artist KAWS, known for his balloon dog, is presenting another series of 3D images in his unique style, both in the physical world and in the metaverse land. The Fortnite collaboration is the second one for KAWS, who has brought his artistic vision to Fortnite in the past. 

However, the images and exhibits will not go all the way to be offered as NFT or permanent game items. Serpentine Gallery is simply experimenting with bringing art to different mediums for the latest KAWS show, “NEW FICTION”.

“This multi-dimensional project, accessible through virtual and physical portals, demonstrates the remarkable synergies between gaming, space, and sensorial experience,” said Hans Ulrich Obrist, Artistic Director at Serpentine.

“ This is an incredibly exciting project for me. I always like exploring new mediums for my art. The collaboration with Fortnite means everything is coming together in a complex exhibition that takes place in parallel realities. I want to thank the incredible teams at Fortnite and Serpentine,” said KAWS.

Does Fortnite Support NFTs

Fortnite has not set an official record on supporting digital items and NFTs. There are only informal, community-driven efforts to wrap some items as tokens. 

Fortnite NFTs may include complete profiles with achievements sold as NFTs, as well as skins and other items. OpenSea even includes Fortnite-themed NFT items. 

However, anyone can mint an NFT using a commemorative theme. This does not mean the items are playable or officially supported on Fortnite. 

OpenSea also hosts NFT items using the art of KAWS. These are also not official, though there are as many as 73 items on offer. Buying NFTs themed after prominent games or artists may actually be riskier, as the items are simply copies with no secondary market liquidity.

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