Gala Games Prepares for Public Play Test on New Walking Dead: Empires Game

The Walking Dead: Empires, built on a comic book franchise, will offer idle defense and base building with in-game resources.
  • Gala Games has a growing list of games in the testing stage with short-term events.
  • Town Start, the leading game in the Gala ecosystem, is getting a complete overhaul.
  • Gala Games adds nodes to games as a form of investment and a security tool.

Gala Games is one of the largest Web3 hubs, constantly expanding its portfolio with games that have capabilities to onboard mainstream users. The latest event invites users to test the Walking Dead: Empires P2E and Web3 game, one of the long-awaited headlines of Gala Games.

Gala Games retains its fame due to already running top games like Town Star and Spider Tanks. But it also aims to produce high-grade features and list the newest games on well-established platforms like Steam. The game is worth observing for its series of open slots for alpha tests, which start out small and may expand to new players.

Gala Games is widely accepted both as a gaming hub, and as the issuer of one of the most liquid crypto tokens, GALA, which is highly tradable and has utility within the Gala ecosystem. Gala Games is also known for launching a series of nodes for each game, allowing the community to both invest and provide security via delegated blockchain support. 

Walking Dead Extends High-Grade Collection of Gala Games

The Walking Dead game will offer a casual zombie-shooter experience, based on the license of the original Walking Dead comics. In its full launch, The Walking Dead: Empires will be a realistic MMORPG with the addition of NFT and Web3 ownership optional for dedicated players. The Walking Dead arrives after Undead Blocks turned into one of the projects to successfully build a high-grade game, while aslo adding NFT ownership and tokenized rewards. 

The Walking Dead: Empires is different in offering a third-person view and a sandbox-like task of building fortifications, with some resource gameplay. 

The Walking Dead also extends the list of Gala Games with realistic graphics, including Echo Empires and Last Expedition arriving this March 20, with game nodes. Eternal Paradox is another recently launched quest game, also at the alpha testing stage. 

In addition to the new quest games, Gala Games is in the process of rebuilding its Town Start game. The new Town Star is also conducting series of private and public beta tests, for a new look and game mechanics.

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