Genopets Increases Power and Influence of Genesis NFT

Genopets Genesis owners will have new lifetime advantages and earnings multipliers in the game.
  • Genopets aims to encourage upgrading to pull assets back into the game.
  • Genesis NFT bring special perks to owners.
  • The game still uses input from move-to-earn steps.

Genopets launched its 10% power boost to Genesis NFT, extending the influence of early owners. The Genopets game offers several earning opportunities, from basic rewards as a move-to-earn app, to NFT and token staking. 

Genesis NFT will boost all forms of earnings and passive income from the game. The 10% power boost is added to previous Genesis NFT perks.

Genopets remains one of the most complex and active move-to-earn games, which retains value in its NFT and tokens. All Genopets can evolve and become more rare and powerful, by leveling up in the game.

Genopets remain rather valuable, with a 58 SOL floor price for currently listed items. The value of Genopets NFT is more stable compared to the price of digital sneakers in other move-to-earn metaverses. Genopets and Habitats are key to producing KI tokens to level up. 

Genopets also allows players to track their Energy levels and level up or cash out at regular periods, before moving to the next game stage. The game fulfilled a series of updates to improve its game economy and incentivize leveling up.

Genopets continues to add features, despite the slide in its token price. GENE slid to $2.7, losing around $2 in the past month. Despite the sliding price, Genopets seeks other ways to add value to the game. 

Treasure Hunt Open for Recipe Pages

Genopets is also introducing varied and complex, multi-ingredient recipes for crafting high-grade items. The recipe book was presented in part in Q3, and the game community awaited the actual activation of crafting. 

Now, players can take the first step with the Treasure Hunt, a quest to find recipe fragments.

The goal of the game is to encourage more players to upgrade their Baby Genopet, while also focusing on Harvesting and Leveling Up. Additionally, value flows in from the move-to-earn component, as players try for more steps per day.

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