Genopets Expands Closed Beta, Works on Pet Augmentation

Genopets is boosting its metaverse side, while aiming for sustainable move-to-earn.
  • Genopets grows with invitations, to achieve a more sustainable game economy.
  • Players must reinvest some KI tokens to repair habitats and upgrade Pets.
  • Genopets NFT will receive Nurturing mechanics and recipes to craft body parts.

Genopets is still in the stages of its closed beta release. Recently, the game hinted at adding more players via special invitation. Genopets will be still playable by invitation before its wider beta open.

A slower pace of growth has helped Genopets employ the move-to-earn model, but without depleting its game tokens. Slower growth means both GENE and KI do not enter freefall. At the same time, Genopets is getting branded as a Web3 game, offering engagement and ownership as a priority. Even KI token earnings will go toward game advancements.

Currently, the game’s app has more than 10K downloads, with most gameplays happening off the blockchain. Genopets has limited BNB Chain interactions, despite in-game pet upgrades and leveling up. 

Genopets NFT Become More Interactive

Genopets team is working on two new mechanics to make the game more interactive. After releasing Recipes, the team is building a crafting mechanic. 

As for the playable Pets, new elements of Nurturing will be added, which can advance and customize the playable character. Petting the NFT pet is already built, and buying consumables is coming soon.

Beyond Nurturing, Genopets aims to build a new mechanic, Pet Augmentation, which will further enhance the pets. 

Augmentation will come from body parts crafted based on hidden recipes in the game. This makes Genopets a long-term commitment beyond its step-measuring lifestyle aspect. Petting and Nurtire will have multiple tools and upgrades before reaching their final version.

Players are also encouraged to roll back some of the tokens into the game. Owners of Habitats can earn KI tokens, but they have to spend some of that to maintain the Habitat. This protects the game from being strip-mined for profits. 

Genopets has seen the price of its Habitats slide lately. However, the Pets remain rare, with 41 SOL floor price and only very limited secondary market listing. Most owners hold onto their Genesis Pets for future game perks.

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