Gods Unchained Brings New Weekend Reward Schedule

Gods Unchained will change the GODS token reward schedule and move to card rewards to boost high-level gameplay and cut bot earnings.

Gods Unchained by Immutable is yet another play to earn game to reassess its reward token system. The game will introduce a new tournament and weekend ranking schedule to discourage the abuse of the game. 

Gods Unchained will limit GODS rewards to discourage the use of bots for automated play. The game will also open up Core Card Packs to lower-ranked players to encourage more building up of reputation. Additionally, new weekend schedules will discourage attempts to lose battles in the days ahead with the goal of gaming the system and re-earning a higher rank. 

Gods Unchained introduced the new rules during the weekend of February 5-6. The goal of the game is to encourage engagement, ranking up into Mythic and to invite more skillful gameplay. Removing automatic GODS rewards will avoid the path of strip-mining the game for rewards.

GODS Hopes to Reverse Course

Like other play to earn tokens, GODS reached a peak and entered a downward spiral. GODS touched $8.69, but within months selling pressure brought the asset down close to $2. 

GODS traded around $2.40 on Monday, with expectations the new reward scheme will decrease selling. Gods Unchained will now aim to reward GODS token to those that will use it to improve their game ranking, and show dedication to the game’s metaverse.

The final reward distribution will also bring another significant tranche of GODS that could be potentially sold on the open market. The rewards will be claimed in the coming months, along with the new weekend ranking schedule of granting more GODS bonuses.


For each weekend event, the pool of GODS tokens will be adjusted not to the total number of players, but to eligible players, limiting the distribution.

Gods Unchained announced this is just the first of a series of tweaks and the play to earn elements of the game may continue to change over time. Gods Unchained is one of the oldest card collection games in the play to earn world, and GODS is represented on the Coinbase exchange, though with limited liquidity.

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