Golden Bros by Netmarble Completes NFT Presale

Golden Bros completes NFT presale, expecting early access in March and official game launch in April.

Golden Bros is an upcoming P2P shooter and brawl game with blockchain and NFT potential. The game will be available on a free-to-play and play to earn basis by the end of March, per the team’s roadmap. 

Golden Bros gained attention in the past days as it launched a successful NFT mint campaign on Binance NFT. The high-profile platform only helped Golden Bros line up among some of the most active games with the potential to build a new wave of rewards. 

The first success for the game was the very fast completion of its NFT presale.

The recent sale for mystery boxes holds a key element to the brawler game – character costumes. While playing the game can happen with a selection of nine free characters, costumes of varying rarity are central to the game experience. 

For instance, owning high-grade costumes will increase the earnings of the in-game GBC token in the official public version of the game. 

The arrival of Golden Bros marks the engagement of Netmarble Corporation, one of the fast-growing recognized game studios, with P2E gaming. Golden Bros will get added to the list of finished, well-made play to earn games, to offset projects that launch with no viable product.

Early Access Arrives in March

The Golden Bros game will open its early access in March. More events are expected for April, when the official launch is planned. 

The NFT bought during the current pre-sale and other events will also trade in April. GBC, the native token of the game, will also be used for staking in the coming months. The game will also add another type of NFT, a game card. The GBC token is not yet minted and will arrive along with the official game launch. GBC will offer staking as a form of passive income, beyond its functions in the game to buy and upgrade the player avatars.

The game will be one of the rare offerings of an AAA-grade gaming universe, with many upcoming character, costume and gameplay upgrades in 2022.

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