Minecraft Rejects NFT: Mojang Warns Against Creating Exclusive Value Items

Minecraft will not issue its own NFT brand and warned server operators to stop minting NFT for Minecraft game resources.
  • Mojang warned server operators to stop minting NFT items.
  • NFTWorlds, which sells Minecraft-compatible land plots, continues to operate as a top NFT collection.
  • Minecraft inspired multiple metaverse and NFT games.

Mojang, the producer of the most successful voxel game, issued a tough statement on NFT. The game studio has no intention of introducing NFT items to its game any time soon and in fact spoke against the very concept of personal ownership of in-game assets. At the same time, Minecraft Marketplace uses Minecoin and is bustling with skins, maps, constructions and mods.

NFT skeptics largely considered Minecraft’s move correct, calling all NFT sales similar to extortion. 

Paradoxically, Minecraft does not shy away from selling additional items, and in fact has one of the largest mod markets. NFT skeptics also often understand the items as merely avatars that disguise participation in a Ponzi scheme. 

Currently, multiple sellers still mint NFT based on skins, server resources or other Minecraft items. Mojang issued a long statement banning those practives, though with no details on actually destroying the modded items. 

Mojang also added that NFT may not be integrated into their server applications. However, the actual NFT digital resource may still be in the game and use other tools to connect to the respective token on the blockchain. Despite the Minecraft brand, there is no guarantee that any NFT item would hold value or be stored safely and fairly.

But there are many types of NFT with utility within the game, and all of them ensure perfect, transparent ownership of the asset.

Minecraft Inspired NFT Games

Despite Mojang’s reluctance to add NFT, Minecraft actually inspired multiple games. The sandbox-type game held immediate appeal, leading to the adoption of The Sandbox, Voxel, Voxies and other open worlds with building capabilities. 

Minecraft also inspired NFTWorlds directly, to create one of the most widely traded collection of metaverse land plots. The original voxel game was the basis for multiple metaverse worlds, some using the voxel look and others going for a more realistic landscape.

NFTWorlds remains highly active, trading more than 50K ETH with a 1.1 ETH floor price. The Sandbox is also among the most successful games with added tokenized rewards. The Mojang ban on issuing NFT has not affected the project.

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