How Pegaxy Plans to Reinvent its Game in 2023 Roadmap

PGX and VIS remain stagnant, but may become part of the game’s new balance.
  • Pegaxy will retain the VIS and PGX tokens, though they will be reintegrated with a new earnings model.
  • The new game will reintroduce skins, battle passes, and new Pega bloodlines.
  • The old game will not be relaunched, due to high costs and non-feasible tokenomics.

Pegaxy is now in the process of rebuilding its game from scratch, after abandoning the main racing activities. The game also gave up on previous plans of stadium sales as NFT, instead focusing more on skill-driven competition. The chief reason for the failure of Pegaxy was its tokenomics, where the oversupply of VIS could not be driven down enough. 

The bear market also diminished prizes to almost nothing even for top Pega owners and early investors. This made Pegaxy discontinue most of its features, while also working on a new roadmap announced recently.

The skilled game may arrive at the end of Q1, and will be the main achievement for the period.

Overall, 2023 will be busy for Pegaxy, with additional game modes, battle passes and cosmetic features, as well as new Pega bloodlines. Currently, most of the Pega NFT have no value and some have been burned. Pegaxy has not hinted at reusing the remaining Pega. Most of the Pega are unlisted, with around 514K NFT remaining in user wallets and held by guilds.

Pegaxy Opens Content Competition

In the meantime, to boost engagement, Pegaxy is also starting a user content competition with prizes. Pegaxy is joining other games like Axie Infinity in content creation, to drive engagement while waiting for a more active period.

Pegaxy will remain a game with Polygon-based ownership, though not taking on a promise to complete all the goals in the roadmap. As in the past, the game’s development will depend on external conditions and more pivots are possible. 

Both VIS and PGX tokens will be retained, but their utility in the games may be different. At the same time, the game will be overhauled with battle passes and skins to be purchased. Currently, Pegaxy is no longer running the servers for its old game to focus on the entirely new development, with different tracks, shop packages and a system of guilds and tournaments. However, it is uncertain if Pegaxy could once again provide a similar level of income as an early P2E game.

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