Pegaxy to Offer New Burn Mechanism to Rebalance Game

Pegaxy is trying to regain influence as it ranks lower among Polygon apps.
  • Pegaxy will count down to a new game upgrade in an attempt to revive value.
  • PGX and VIS prices remain near lows, most Pega have low chances to win races.
  • Pledge racing is challenging to most players, who still try to find the best statistics to win the race.

Pegaxy still tries to solve two main problems – the oversupply of VIS tokens, and the creation of multiple low-value Pega NFT. The game now teases a new burn mechanism, to be announced after a countdown.

Pegaxy is also trying to revive interest in its game with several interventions. The game allows for the creation of Crowned Pega, color changes and consumables, all potentially burning VIS. Additionally, players can fuse Pega and in theory, diminish the number of NFT available. 

The upcoming burn mechanism also joins another approach, where VIS will be taken off the blockchain and used only within the game, as a locked asset. Pegaxy is still smoothing out the process of balancing deposits and withdrawals. 

Despite the efforts, Pegaxy players have crashed to under 1,000 per day, down from a recent level of a few thousand players per day. The game is on track to fall below the top 30 apps on Polygon, while formerly it climbed to the top ranks with ease. 

What Caused Player Outflow: Problems with Pledge Racing

One of the reasons for an outflow of players is the new form of Pledge Racing, which is proving difficult for players. There is also the need to deposit enough VIS and ensure the right amount of energy is spent on races. 

The new tweak, which was supposed to control the VIS issued, is also making players give up, and some even destroy their Pega by sending them to a burn address.

Pegaxy new breeding has also stalled, stopping at 1.12M Pega created in total, with no price floor at the moment. Pega are too numerous, but there are still rare ones where statistics may offer a higher chance of winning pledge races.

As with previous upgrades, Pegaxy players have to discover on their own the best strategy to have the highest chance at winning. Race rewards remain low, as PGX is at $0.008, while VIS continued to slide to $0.0001.

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