Pegaxy Shifts to User-Controlled Mobile 3D Racing

Pegaxy will turn into a new Web3 project, closing breeding and racing.
  • Pegaxy discontinued racing and is now working on a brand new game.
  • The 3D skilled racing is coming at the end of Q1.
  • Pegaxy closed its game after months with a barely working P2E model.

Pegaxy, which relied on automated statistics-based racing, is moving a step forward, creating a controllable game with an element of skill. In practice, Pegaxy will go back to basics, making most of its game elements inactive or inaccessible. 

The Pegaxy game will shift from its old breeding and racing mechanics, closing almost all additions, including the inactivated Crowned Pega. Both mobile and browser racing was discontinued this week, after months of almost negligible rewards for participating in contests. Not even renting and limiting the number of Pega could save the game and return its appeal.

Currently, even withdrawals are temporarily inaccessible, leaving VIS within the game in the form of VIS Silver tokens. For now, the old Pegaxy game is essentially closed, with no breeding possible. Players can only access their own assets and Pega NFT while waiting for more game updates. 

Will Pegaxy Make a Comeback?

The biggest problem with Pegaxy is that it started out as a P2E game during the biggest bull market in the history of crypto assets. 

The game team plans to announce its future on social media, with the game essentially ended this January 5. Pegaxy was a high-stakes P2E game with high-value NFT and at one point the potential for rewards and passive income. 

But the crypto bear market meant Pegaxy could not sustain its promise of earnings, and most players abandoned the game. Now, Pegaxy is set to be rebuilt as a Web3 mobile game. The team behind Pegaxy has kept hiring and is still interested in Web3 games, but may leave potential players waiting for a new version. 

On the positive side, Pegaxy has scheduled its new game release for the end of Q1, 2023.

Pegaxy showed its model was unsustainable, but gave rise to similar games with added scarcity, such as Don’t Count Your Chickens. New games are more careful with the oversupply of tokens and in-game NFT. Pegaxy is yet to announce how it would re-incorporate a token and NFT model, though players are still in control of their assets.

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