Pegaxy Once Again Tightens Account Ban Policies

Pegaxy’s assets are still at rock bottom, but the game team aims to bring back competition by rebuilding scarcity.
  • Pegaxy is losing players, falling to 805 users in 24 hours.
  • New Stable Management system to be introduced, limiting slots for owned Pega.
  • Some of the Pega NFT are getting burned, limiting the supply.

Pegaxy will once again tweak its account rules to discourage cheating to ensure fair usage for all players. Until now, Pegaxy only introduced VIS freezes for suspicions of bot usage and multi-accounting.

The new account management changes arrive after Pegaxy announced it would increase the rights of scholars to breed, fure, upgrade the Pega NFT and earn and spend VIS tokens. However, even with scholars, there are limits to wallet usage and game tab usage. 

Players are also still complaining that using new Pega NFT still requires multiple devices. Some of the Pegaxy tasks require only desktop, at least for putting Pega in races. 

Pegaxy Keeps Losing Players

After the anti-bot and anti-exploit measures, Pegaxy keeps losing players. The game is still based on automated racing, meaning players try to use bots or tools to save effort.

In addition to lowered earnings, Pegaxy is becoming less attractive and falling down to 805 players per day. The drop is significant, as Pegaxy was a peak Polygon game with more than 20K active users. 

Additionally, Pega listings have been cut by half on OpenSea, with market prices at around 0.02 ETH or as high as 125 MATIC. But with lowered interest and no breeding campaigns, Pega trading is also slowing down. 

Another reason for lowered activity is the fact that most VIS now has to be moved as an off-chain token, with usage only in the game. 

Pegaxy Introduces Burn Mechanism

At around 1.12M Pega, the game introduced a new Stable Management mechanism. Despite the large number of Pega, not all were valuable, and some could not win races. 

Hence, Pegaxy introduced a new burning mechanism, to benefit both owners and renters.

Players are also burning some of their excess Pega by sending them to a locked inaccessible address.

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