Pegaxy Limits Racing Slots, Expands Rewards for Top Ranked

Pegaxy aims to revive the game, by offering shorter lobby waiting times and expanding rewards.
  • Pegaxy (PGX) aims to bring a more fair racing balance with shorter waiting times.
  • Lobby options are down to two, with rule of no repeated Pega strategy.
  • After burns, Pega count is down by about 50% on OpenSea.

Pegaxy will once again make changes during a maintenance period, in order to bring more meaningful earnings. The game has been trying to boost its player count and bring back players, by tweaking its effort and earnings balance. 

On October 27, the game entered a long maintenance period, to rebuild its racing earnings balance. After previously expanding racing slots from 12 to 15, now slots will be down to 10. The first 5 Pega in the race will receive rewards. This change will help lower-ranked horses to have a chance at earnings.

The update will require a new download of the game for current users. Pegaxy has now shifted most of its activities off-chain, to avoid paying even the relatively low Polygon fees. Most players need VIS in their off-chain wallet to use the game’s functionalities.

Pega racers will also be able to choose from only two lobbies per day, and the game will display whether their Pega NFT are acceptable to race, or not. Players cannot repeat racing strategies. The reduction of lobby slots is also intended to decrease waiting time. The game preserves its right to change racing rules again if needed to improve earnings balance. 

Pegaxy Asset Prices Still Pressured Despite Burns

The game is also suffering from very low NFT prices. Even Founding Pega, one of the rarest and issued during the NFT boom, are now open for bidding at a much lower price. This makes the game accessible to new buyers and players hoping for a revival of the earnings model. 

The total number of Pega is now down to 540.8K, from a peak at 1.12M NFT items. Previous owners burned some of their less valuable Pega, as they had no chance to win the race.
Currently, Pegaxy is trying to boost its VIS burning mechanisms, to raise the value of in-game prizes.

Both VIS and PGX are trading at rock-bottom valuations, with players calling for more listings to achieve more robust pricing. VIS is now down to $0.00012, while PGX slid to $0.0058, making most racing gains less sustainable. Breeding and fusion are also down, though Pegaxy offers additional opportunities to earn a Crowned Pega by burning VIS.

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