How to Set Up MetaMask for Polygon Network

Polygon network hosts some of the busiest P2E games and is one of the blockchains with NFTs listed on OpenSea.

The MetaMask wallet is a near-universal tool to access play to earn games. Polygon network hosts some of the busiest P2E games, including: 

Signing with MetaMask

Games will first ask the user to sign in with the MetaMask wallet, set to the right network. Setting up the network is done through the dropdown menu, where already setup networks will appear. Choose the option to add a new network. 

How to Add Polygon Network

Adding a new network needs to be done only once. After that, Polygon will appear in the dropdown menu. 

The wallet will ask for data input, which is listed below. 

Network Name: Matic Mainnet


Chain ID: 137

Symbol: MATIC

Block Explorer URL (optional):

Once set up, the wallet will connect to games using Polygon, or give a warning that the right network was not selected. 

How to Get MATIC

MATIC tokens are essential for setting up the first operations with the wallet. MATIC is widely available on exchanges, and can be bought from Changelly or another brokerage. MATIC is also available for fiat. 

MATIC is also available through decentralized exchanges, which can be reached through a direct wallet connection. However, this will also call for an extra step, such as buying ETH and bridging it to Ethereum.

The best approach to buying MATIC is to use an exchange and avoid bridging operations which may require additional gas. 

For games like Sunflower Land, a fee of 1 MATIC would be needed, with some additional coins for gas. 

What Other Networks are Available on MetaMask

The MetaMask wallet also supports several blockchains that are key to play to earn. The most significant ones are as follows: 

Always make sure you are aware which network you are using. Make sure you send tokens to the right network or risk losing them. 

Always make sure you are only signing in with your wallet on authorized exchanges. Always use wallet links from reputable sources and double-check the URL.

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