Pegaxy Review – Will This Game Evolve into a Leading P2E Hub

Pegaxy is an idle game with upcoming skilled play and NFT metaverse stadiums.

Pegaxy is a simulated racing game, based on playable character statistics. In this aspect, Pegaxy follows some of the models of Crabada and Axie Infinity, but with its specific game balance. 

We will review the state of Pegaxy as of early 2022, while outlining the ways the game plans to evolve. 

What is Pegaxy

Pegaxy can be counted among simulated sports games. It is the second most busy game on the Polygon network, netting more than 21K players in 24 hours during busy season times. Pegaxy relies on the breeding of Pega characters, which are also bought and sold as NFTs. 

Players set their Pegas in competition and win based on their character’s statistics. They also win VIS tokens. In the future, Pegaxy will also become a mobile game, keeping automated casual play for a few more months. By the end of 2022, Pegaxy will also include stadium sales as a form of metaverse land plots, as well as skilled gameplay.

Pegaxy Community: Why This Game Keeps Growin

Much like Axie Infinity, Pegaxy is growing in Southeast Asia, with a focus on the Philippines. Pegaxy still has a relatively small Reddit community of less than 5,000 commenters, but with 87.9K followers on Twitter. The game is highly active in reaching out to players, with updates coming a few times each week. 

The Discord community has more than 143K members, with above 30K online at some moments. The Pegaxy team is also busy vetting and recording guilds on the blockchain.

Who is Behind Pegaxy

The Pegaxy team is one of the more reliable building machines in crypto space. A fully doxxed team, with all roles filled, Pegaxy looks like a game capable of active development. 

The Pegaxy team is made up of experienced gaming experts from Vietnam, one of the countries with a highly active gaming industry. The team kept recruiting players, and put special emphasis on 3D rendition and graphics quality.

What Makes Pegaxy So Hot

Pegaxy is an earnings-first game, which created its tokens and NFTs early. The game is also very busy, with an active OpenSea market to trade Pega characters. 

Despite the fact that the price of native tokens has peaked and crashed, the Pegaxy game remains hot as it continues to generate relatively predictable income. Additionally, the game sets long-term expectations for rebalancing and improvements, as well as governance. Token burns and community attempts to improve Pegaxy, as well as awaiting for more trading liquidity, keep supporters engaged. 

How to Make Money with Pegaxy

The chief game mechanic during the initial stage of Pegaxy was the automated race. Players could include their Pega NFTs in the race, with up to 25 races per day. 

The game is simulated, so some of the factors of the competition hinge on random computer selections. The top three Pegas gain the round’s token rewards of VIS. 

The other way is to buy and breed Pegas, creating more racing possibilities. Re-selling Pegas during favorable pricing moments can also be profitable. OpenSea carries most Pega auctions, though the average price has fallen from its highs in 2021. 

Owning PGX and VIS tokens, as well as MATIC or wrapped ETH can also be used to make money from the game. PGX and VIS are trading on decentralized exchanges, so some token owners can choose to be liquidity providers and receive rewards for locking their tokens. 

VIS and PGX trade on KyberSwap on the Polygon network, with a relatively large USDT/VIS liquidity pool.

What are the Pegaxy Tokens

PGX is a token to be used in the upcoming Themis governance system. Vigorus (VIS) is the game’s reward token, which is used for breeding. VIS has no supply cap and is inflationary. To support the value of VIS, some guilds resort to token burns. 

Pegaxy tokens use the Polygon network, accessible as one of the options on the MetaMask wallet.

Both tokens can be traded for USDT and other crypto assets, though they are facing the challenge of growing their liquidity.

What is Coming for Pegaxy Gameplay

The current Pegaxy game requires no skills and is automated. Competitions only offer visual entertainment. 

In the coming months, possibly by the end of the year, Pegaxy will release the trading of stadiums as NFT. This decision follows in the footsteps of other P2E games, which end up extending their portfolio with metaverse land plots.

Smaller changes are coming to the game, with the addition of food items to mop up VIS supply. A skills-based game will be one of the prominent events in 2022, expected in Q3.

How to Acquire Pegaxy Assets

The valuable Pegaxy assets are Pegas, NFT characters that can breed up to seven times. Owning more Pegas translates into more races to join, as well as the potential for future breeding. 

Pegas are on sale on OpenSea, using a MetaMask wallet connection. Floor prices for Pegas have fallen to 0.01 ETH, as within a week about 100K new Pegas join the listings. There are more than 424K listed Pegas, most with no specific rarity, but still playable.

Best Wallets for Pegaxy

As with other P2E games, MetaMask is an almost universal tool to hold both reward tokens and NFT items. The wallet connects to the game’s competition board, breeding mechanism and marketplace and can move both NFTs, as well as PGX and VIS as well as USDT tokens on the Polygon network.

How to Start with Pegaxy

Pegaxy can be started by buying a Pega horse and joining races. Pegas can be acquired at OpenSea auctions. 

MATIC tokens can be swapped or bought on Changelly, to fuel Polygon transactions. The game’s breeding and racing interface will prompt players to connect their wallet and follow the game’s instructions to list, breed or race their Pegas.

Overall review and conclusion on Game X

The Play2Moon points assigned to Pegaxy are 35/50, with subtractions for relatively illiquid tokens with insufficient exchange listings. Pegaxy is a game that faces many challenges of balancing its value, but remains one of the hottest P2E communities.

Total Score
  • Team Information and Reliability
    4/5 Good
    Full non-anonymous team.
  • Community
    5/5 Amazing
    50K and above.
  • Number of players
    4/5 Good
    10K or above.
  • Art and Images
    4/5 Good
    Highest quality in 3D update.
  • Secondary NFT market/resale
    4/5 Good
    OpenSea verified.
  • Funding sources
    3/5 Neutral
    IGO on a high-profile platform.
  • Wallets
    4/5 Good
    Available for most browser plugin wallets.
  • Exchange liquidity
    2/5 Bad
    Limited exchange presence.
  • Token rating
    3/5 Neutral
    Wide distribution, big wallets dedicated to marketing.
  • Potential returns/rewards
    2/5 Bad
    Regular returns
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