Mobox Gets Ready for Moland Defense Launching Tomorrow

Mobox will run parallel alpha test and beta Season 1 for Moland Defense tower game.
  • Moland Defense Beta and Alpha test will run at the same time.
  • MBOX sees large “whale” purchase on Binance.
  • MOMOVerse avatars burst on Binance NFT.

Mobox is ready with its new tower defense game, announcing a beta launch this Thursday. Moland Defense will launch on a season-based scheme to bring together players in a short time frame. Season 1 of Moland Defense will run between April 14 and April 28. 

The Moland Defense launch follows the recent unboxing of the Mobox NFT collection and the revealing of the major features of the MOMOVerse.

Along with the beta launch, the current Mobox alpha test servers will continue to function, allowing most of the previously released functions except for leaderboards. Unfortunately, the community reacted badly to the news that alpha testers will not receive rewards for their time.

Season 1 players, however, will receive MBOX and MEC token awards for playing, winning and selling resources. A total of 1M MBOX have been set aside as the game’s startup bonus. For each season, 5% of the total pool will be set aside for leader board rewards.

How Mobox Assets are Performing

The new season arrives at a time when MBOX retreated to $2.59, after a few weeks of sliding. Despite the enthusiasm, now the game has to prove its worth in terms of crypto earnings. MBOX has the advantage of being among the more liquid P2E tokens. Being on Binance Smart Chain and with a Binance Exchange listing, MBOX may start attracting attention. Recently, a big purchase was registered, coinciding with the news of the game launch. 

While nothing guarantees the rise of MBOX, there are hopes the asset may revisit previous highs as the game progresses. Trading volumes for MBOX are also relatively low under $100M per day, with around 20% of all activity in the MBOX/USDT pair on Binance. A pickup in trading activity could boost MBOX positions. 

MOMOVerse avatars also have a relatively low price on Binance NFT. Top Momo Avatars trade at 1BNB, while regular prices are still about $10 in the latest sales. This may be an opportunity to grab relatively cheap avatars before the game takes off.

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