Thetan Arena Boosts Hero Utility with Special Trading Events

Thetan Arena smart contract usage registers around 500 accounts, while the game has reached millions in its free version.
  • Thetan Arena hosts millions of accounts on its free game, but wants to encourage Hero NFT trading.
  • THG and THC trade at low levels, with use cases to upgrade Heroes.
  • NFT Hero prices range between 100USDT and 2,500USDT for the rarest ones.

Thetan Arena is trying to find more utility for its NFT Heroes, after recently completing a Fusion event. Now, the game plans to introduce additional rewards for trading the Heroes. Thetan Arena is a highly active game, though still facing an outflow of users and a loss of value.

The exact date of the event is yet to be announced, but the game promised to double or triple the rewards usually given for playing and trading NFT in the game. The series of events may be intended to make the month of July more dynamic for Thetan Arena. 

Thetan Heroes are on offer within the game’s own NFT Item marketplace. Top rarity Heroes ask as much as $2,500 in USDT, while the usual price for powerful Heroes is around 100 USDT.

Thetan Arena Marks More Success with Free Model

The game marks around 500 users per day in the past month, with above $261K in balance based on tokens. THG, the game’s native token, trades around $0.08 after a long period of stagnation. THG is also key to staking and evolving Heroes.

Thetan Coin (THC), the in-game asset, now trades at $0.0043, after a long drop from its peak above $0.77 at the end of 2021.

Thetan Arena itself counts more than 24M players, based on its internal statistics. But the low count is based on smart contracts on BNB Chain, which reflect the trading of Heroes or THG. The big activity count shows that a completed game can reach a large global audience even if its crypto and NFT aspect is relatively small.

Thetan Arena also remains one of the games taken up by most major guilds and one of the early P2E arrivals. It is also showcasing the free-to-play model as a tool to wider adoption. The game aims to work as MOBA, but also add e-sports elements and mini-games to its mix. In the current stage, Thetan Arena was highly active with tournaments, adding servers to onboard the African market with exclusive events.

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