Legends of Elumia Prepares for New Beta Update

Legends of Elumia uses the Solana blockchain, with relatively wide representation and NFT capabilities integrated in the game.
  • Legends of Elumia is a Unity-built metaverse and medieval town.
  • The game is in closed beta, requiring NFT ownership to test, open version coming later this year with tournaments.
  • ELU and EKS tokens make up the game’s economy.

Legends of Elumia is a high-grade MMORPG built by an experienced team, and adding Web3 ownership features. The game will offer direct play-and-earn, offering players the chance to gain items from the very start, and own them on the blockchain. The game reached its public beta launch at the end of 2022, and will soon add its first update. 

Legends of Elumia relies on complex graphics and a 3D immersive world to stand out among simpler P2E games. The game is set in a medieval-themed city world, with a legendary Tower, with a vast array of imaginative characters. 

Legends of Elumia is one of the game titles supported by Animoca Brands, one of the biggest investors in Web3. The game has also been adopted by YGG Guild, and will build its ecosystem on the Solana blockchain. 

The end goal is to also turn the medieval city where the game takes place into a full 3D metaverse for socializing and item swaps or trading. The town’s marketplace may become more vibrant as the game progresses and adds more items, Heroes, Pets, weapons and more. 

Legends of Elumia Requires NFT Hero for Entry

The game will have two assets, Elumia Crowns, ELU and the in-game asset, Elumia Krystals (EKS). The EKS asset will have in-game balancing mechanisms to ensure value and avoid inflation. ELU tokens are used for some of the game’s upgrading activities, as well as for staking and for voting mechanisms.

Legends of Elumia may become more prominent this year, as it launches the first e-sports events and tournaments. The game gained players from its public beta launch in late 2022. However, the beta version is not fully open and free – to gain access to the downloadable version, players will need a collectible NFT. 

At this stage of the game, the NFT Heroes have a floor price of 4.3 SOL, a relatively high value compared to other P2E games. Genesis Heroes are even more rare and valuable, and also offer a form of staking for passive income.

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