Metarun Retains Value with Fixed-Price Token

Metarun offers PvP tournaments to gain further advantage.
  • Metarun to focus on building up a complex token economy with off-chain assets.
  • MRUN tied to MTRUN, OPAL tokens, GOLD and SPARES grant in-game boosts.
  • Metarun is among the most successful games with P2E, built on Unreal Engine 5.

Metarun, a recently trending endless runner game, is trying a new approach to P2E to ensure more stability. After launching the game, some of the NFT and ensuring an inflow of players, the team has focured on creating an attractive in-game economy.

Metarun introduced balancing mechanisms for its OPAL token, essentially turning it into a stablecoin. For most games, a sliding token also means a loss of interest in the game. With OPAL, players may get better predictabilty of earnings.

The game’s hard currency will exist in addition to MRUN, the volatile native token that was first introduced. OPAL, as well as MTRUN, will behave as fixed-price tokens which will exist off-chain. Two more assets, GOLD and SPARES, will serve as soft currency. All of the assets will make up the game’s complex economy.

MRUN Token Brought Back into the Game

MRUN can be traded to cash out of the game, but the Metarun team has plans to bring it back into the game economy. In addition to buying characters and upgrading, MRUN can be staked for passive income. Some of the MRUN can also be brought into the game as MTRUN, an off-chain asset tied to the market value of the on-chain token. MTRUN will be needed for multiple in-game purchases.

Additionally, MRUN can be swapped for OPAL, which has a fixed price and its own set of utility, mostly linked to PvP battles.

GOLD and SPARES will give short-term boost and affect the gameplay. Those assets can only be earned via in-game achievements. 

All swaps between currencies, along with the time played, help keep the Metarun economy balanced. The token scheme is built on top of a fun game using Unreal Engine 5. The real player count for Metarun may be much higher compared to smart contract records, as most of the assets can be earned and swapped within the game.

The MRUN token is still available only on PancakeSwap, making it a relatively difficult tool to cash out. For now, the game has strong incentives to buy back into the economy and acquire NFT or advancements. MRUN is down 90% from its peak and trades at $0.004.

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